Beyoncé released a secret video clip. It's low budget. It's awesome.



Beyoncé has a new video clip, and it should jump to the top of your to-do list.

The video clip is for her new party anthem song 7/11. It was released without warning on Friday night (Oh, Bey. You’re so crazy and unpredictable.) and blew social media into a Bey-loving storm.

Why? Because it’s all kinds of low-budget and homemade (Oh, Bey. You’re so humble and grounded).

The video is pretty much Beyoncé running around a hotel suite with a selfie stick, being crazy and candid and relaxed. There’s no surprise horses, like in Taylor Swift’s new video clip, but there is possibly a surprise Jay-Z.  It’s pretty fun to watch. Especially these moments:


Okay, now that you are prepared, watch the video. It’s adorable (Oh, Bey. You’re so relaxed and approachable. We’re gonna be best friends).


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