FLUFF: We finally know why Beyonce and Jay Z named their twins Rumi and Sir.

Never has there been a set of twins more talked about in-utero and in their first few months of life as Rumi and Sir Carter.

The two-month-old girl and boy were born to R&B royalty Beyonce Knowles and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and therefore were always going to have names to match their family’s iconic status. Afterall, their five-year-old sister is called Blue Ivy.

Now, Jay Z has revealed the inspiration behind the bubs’ names. And we have to say, their name-choosing method isn’t unlike that of many less-famous parents.

Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today. ????????❤️????????????????????????????????????????

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As the 47-year-old told Rap Radar podcast hosts, Elliot Wilson and Brian Miller, when he guest-starred on Friday, for Sir, it was a case of the little fella ‘looking like’ his name.

“Sir was like, man, come out the gate. He carries himself like that. He just came out, like, Sir,” the father-of-three shared.

Meanwhile, sister Rumi is named after a 13th-century Muslim poet who is attributed with such inspirational quotes as: “Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

“Rumi is our favourite poet, so it was for our daughter,” Jay Z explained.

And there you have it. The reason why you’d be seeing trademark Rumi & Sir Carter ‘his and her’ fashion accessories in a store near you in no time, we’re sure.

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