People just fat-shamed a pregnant Beyonce. Yes, really.

Here’s a nice riddle to kick off your Sunday afternoon:

What kind of person, in their right mind, would think it a nice little idea to fat-shame Beyonce? And here’s another one: What kind of person, in their right mind, would think it another cute, adorable idea to fat shame a woman pregnant with twins?

All together for me: What stable human thinks it clever to fat-shame Beyonce, as she literally grows two extra people inside of her?

People. That’s who.

Ugh. How annoying is it when pregnant women grow another human (or, you know, two!) and can’t defy physics by retaining their original weight. This must be exactly the reason they shouldn’t be paid as much as men.

As trolls took to Twitter to joke the the living Queen is “getting fat” and “finished a massive piece of pie” (I won’t bother giving credence to any of the other tweets or claims), Beyonce’s most staunch defenders rose high above the hate, making their voices louder than the loathing.

And then there was this guy, summing it up in 140 characters better than most could in a short novel:

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