Wait, what? Bethenny Frankel spends how much a month on toys?

In the divorce papers, every financial purchase has been spilled.

Divorce is rarely a pretty thing. Even less so when you are super rich and famous…and your former husband well… isn’t.

The Real Housewives of New YorkBethenny Frankel is going through an ugly divorce. She is at court with her ex, Jason Hoppy, over who gets the money. And the documents obtained by Radar Online leave no detail of their over-spending ways to the imagination.

Watch the video of Frankel talking about her divorce on Ellen. (post continues after the video)

Thankfully, Frankel signed a pre-nup with Hoppy when they wed in 2010 as she was worth $US22,000,000 (with US$611,503 in assets) while Hoppy was worth just US$475,000.

However, by 2012, and after the launch and $US100 million sale of Frankel’s Skinnygirl drink, the housewife earns US$4 million (AU$5 million) a year.

Skinnygirl. Image via Instagram.
Bethenny and the Skinnygirl line. Image via Instagram.
The Skinnygirl line. Image via Instagram.
The Skinnygirl line. Image via Instagram.

But the most interesting part of the documents is the monthly expenses of the couple when they were married. Hoppy claims their monthly 'luxury' bill was $US35,559 (AU$45,000). And this is how it was broken down:

US$470 per month in clothing for himself, Hoppy.

US$600 for clothing for their five-year-old daughter, Bryn.

Bethenny and Brynn. Image via Instagram.

US$320 for babysitting.

US$450 for hobbies for Hoppy including golf.

US$500 for toys for Bryn.

US$350 for summer camp.

US$4,000 for their summer home rental.

US$2,500 for vacations.

Bethenny on her book tour. Image via Instagram.

Let me remind you, that is per month. If you wanted per year, that's...

US$7,200 (AU$9,000) in clothing for Bryn and US$6,000 (AU$7,500) for toys.

Brynn. Image via Facebook.

And US$30,000 (AU$38,000) on vacations.

That's a lot of money. But I guess, when you are earning four million a year, it's barely anything, right?

We just hope the divorce is over quickly for the family so they can move on.

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