Could your toddler win this game show?

Andddddd. GO!

‘Bet On Your Baby’ is an actual game show that exists, and it is just as nuts as it sounds.

It’s been on ABC in the US since last year, and is so popular it just got renewed for a second season. The concept of ‘Bet On Your Baby’ is simple yet genius:

Parents bring their TV-friendly toddler offspring onto the show. The toddlers are taken into a massive playroom, ominously called ‘THE BABYDOME’, where they are given a challenge that they must complete in under a minute. The challenges are things like holding a ball without letting go, not eating a cookie in front them or carrying a cup of water without spilling it.

The parents, watching from another room, bet on whether or not the baby competitors will be able to successfully complete the challenges. So basically, it’s like “How well do you know your baby?!?” – the gameshow.

If the parents guess correctly, they get money for the kid’s college fund. The kids who lose are left to fend for themselves in the Babydome forever, eternally doomed to think about what they’ve done.

Not really, but this show is still pretty bloody gripping television.

Take this clip for example. In it, little Desi is taken into the Babydome by his dad, who tells him he has to hold onto a ball for one minute and not let go. He then leaves Desi alone, and his mum has to bet on whether or not he’ll let go of the ball. Here’s the kicker though: To distract little Desi, an AWESOME remote-control monster truck is sent into the Babydome, WITH A CUPCAKE ON THE BACK.

Desi’s mum has no faith in him, and bets $5000 he’ll let go of the ball. But does he? DOES HE?

If you can’t watch the video, here’s how Desi’s epic challenge plays out:

This is why aliens pretend we’re not here.

So, obviously it needs to be asked… Would you ‘Bet On Your Baby’? And would you win?

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