Mamamia's 'Best and Worst' of the week. What's on your mind?

Mia and Bronte




I’d like to say a massive ‘howdy’ to all Mamamia’s lovely readers! I’m Bronte, an intern, and this week I’m going to be exciting/boring/telling you all about the Best & Worst part of my week. Hence the name of the post. Of course, we’d love for you to jump on the bandwagon and comment below what YOUR Best & Worst moments were this week too (surely yours will be equal parts dazzling and frightening!).

BEST: The Mamamia office has been incredibly giving this week, and as someone who loves good value (free stuff and seagulling food) – I was in heaven. I have graciously accepted banana cake, trips to The Morning Show, ABC studios and a media invite to a cocktail night with Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City.) I know, I know…it’s tough but someone has to do it.

In other bests, I discovered the power of implementing what I like to call ‘honesty’ in a relationship. This ‘honesty’ involves cutting the passive-aggressive ‘I’m fine, geez!’ remarks out of your routine and telling your partner what’s wrong. Since then, it’s all been sunshine and chirping birds and skipping to the train station. Which leads me to the worst part…

WORST: I was planning on confronting a man I see on my daily walk to the train station who picks up mud and lathers it on a duck. He does this every morning across the lake from where I walk and the duck just stands there and takes it. Today, on my last day in Sydney, he wasn’t there. I will never get the chance to tell him to cut it out.

This week we showcased some brilliant Smart Solutions for storage to make your life a million times easier. You can watch the video here and see the gallery of tips below. Thanks to the all new Kia Rondo.

So lovely Mamamia readers, what was your best and worst moments of the week?