More than 7 million people have watched this Melbourne couple's wedding video.

Uploading a video of your big day to Youtube isn’t exactly anything new. But having 7.2 million people watch on from home as the world did for Jamie and Nikki Perkins? Now that’s a big deal.

The Melbourne-based Youtube superstars‘ 13-minute-long wedding video is the perfect mix of sentiment, lifelong love in the making and bling. Basically, it’s your Pinterest wedding board brought to life.

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Source: Jamie and Nikki Perkins / Youtube.

There are personalised video messages from Macklemore (Nikki's favourite rapper) and Travis Tedford (the actor who played Spanky in the Little Rascals - Nikki's favourite film), a glass slipper delivery with the words "my one true fit," etched into it, and dancing well into the night. 

And what's not to love about love, right?

So it's no wonder since first uploading the video following their marriage in May 2013 its views have been steadily growing ... and growing.

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The couple's proposal video, which was filmed in May 2012 when Jamie proposed via the big-screen at Melbourne's iconic Federation Square has also amassed a staggering 4.1 million views.

Four years on from their perfect wedding day, the couple now have a daughter, Ava, and are still sharing their young family's life via Youtube. We don't know about you, but we're well and truly hooked.

Jamie and Nikki were featured creators at Vidcon this past weekend.

Watch Jamie and Nikki's full video below.