Best and Worst: Tell us how your week is going.





Welcome to Best & Worst!

If you’re new to this post, it’s an amazing place where we internet travellers can come together to have a chat and share the best and worst aspects of our weeks.  Think of it as free therapy, where you get to vent your frustrations (however big or small), ask for advice, take some time out and connect with people outside of your everyday sphere.  I’m popping my Best and Worst cherry so I would love you to join me and comment below with your week’s ups and downs. So here goes:

Best: Around two months ago my boyfriend and I moved out together. Being at uni and coming from a furnished share house neither my boyfriend or I had many possessions (read: all we owned was bedding, mmm.. no wait I stole that from my parents).

So, since moving out we have slowly acquired the essentials. Fridge, washing machine, sprinkles for fairy bread… Up to this point we have been using a blow-up mattress on the ground as our lounge (yes, I know, Gen Y #firstworldproblems). But no longer! We finally saved enough pennies and splurged on a delicious modular beast of a lounge, at least that’s what it feels like after the mattress.

Worst: This week I was inundated by an avalanche of assignments. I had, of course, left them all until the last minute so I have no one to blame but myself. Again. There was however, a silver lining to my suffering – being introduced to Gail Dines, feminist, academic and author, through an assignment on the ethics and social repercussions of pornography (yep, I talked about Miley Cyrus).  I found her views on the filtering of porn’s messages and images into society eye-opening. Mamamia wrote about Gail when she visited Aus in 2011 and you can find a video of her lecture here.  What do you think about her claims?

OMM: The continuation of MM’s Body Positive project – did you participate this week? You can see even post-exercise faces in the post here.

And now over to you – what have been the best and worst of YOUR week? x 

Zoë Caley is an Arts/Communications student at UOW and an intern at Mamamia and iVillage. She’s a mojito-sipping, pop culture enthusiast who loves cutting inadvisable shapes on the dance floor. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter.