Best and Worst: How was your week?

This is me!



Hi all, welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst.

If this is your first time, don’t stress. It’s mine too, so we are all going to go nice and easy on each other, right? Good.

Another week is coming to an end, and it is officially four weeks until Christmas. I haven’t started shopping either. Terrifying visions of a pre-Christmas Westfield aside, it’s time to share the best part of my week, and the worst.

I’ll kick things off.


My best for this week is entirely revealing. I have a deep, consuming obsession. It is mildly destructive and impacts my life daily. That obsession is…  Dr Spencer Reid.

TV husband: Dr Spencer Reid

I am extremely passionate in multiple areas of my life, but arguably the most significant of those is television. When I fall for a show, I fall hard. I have just celebrated my 10-year anniversary with Criminal Minds.

Officially my longest relationship.

Apparently the gift for ten years is Aluminium, so I guess I should watch reruns and make a foil hat or something.


After a week of sleepless nights following last week’s shootout-cliffhanger, I can finally relax. He is NOT dead. Reid is NOT DEAD! Although I am somewhat alarmed at the level of my concern, any dog-lady (not into the felines) fears are quelled by the possibility of me marrying this gawky genius and bearing his equally intelligent children.


What do you mean he is a fictional TV character? Shut up. You are!


My worst this week is a little bittersweet.

Me with my lovely sisters.

I had a brief video chat with my glorious, glowing, fit-to-burst pregnant sister this morning. It’s mildly sycophantic I know, but my family is an incredible support system and I am very lucky to have a great relationship with two wonderful sisters.

She lives overseas, and it is at milestone moments like this that it kind of sucks.

I am so thankful to our parents for giving us ‘roots and wings’.They have encouraged us to never be afraid of saying yes to opportunities, and to go wherever that takes us.

I am very proud of my sister for doing so. This week however, I’m entirely nostalgic and just a little bit sad that we are no longer squished, playing corners in the back seat.

So that’s me!

Does anyone else live far away from their siblings? How do you make it work in those milestone moments? Over to you, what’s your best and worst for the week?