Best & Worst moments of the week: what were yours?

It’s Friday arvo so it’s time to look back on the week that was and identify your highest and lowest points.

BEST: Chilling the hell out about this website. Bloggers Guilt is an affliction common to all bloggers and it can be crippling. Because the internet never sleeps and blogs are hungry beasts, there is an inherent pressure to keep working and working and working. And working. And I found a little while ago that I was suffering from that silly thing where I was sitting here trying to write about life but giving myself no time to actually live it. Dumb. By taking a deep breath and putting the whip away, it’s making for a much more balanced life for me while traffic continues to grow faster than I could have hoped. Tops.

WORST: I feel like I bitch about not sleeping most weeks as my worst (do I? DO I?) or possibly I’m just so sleep deprived I can’t remember what I’ve actually written. Things were so good when the Sleep Whisperer came 6 months ago. She was our salvation. But with winter and colds and blah blah, we’ve fallen off the sleeping wagon. Hard. Note to self: do something about this next week so I don’t have to bore you all with a recurring ‘worst’.

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