Best and worst: Come and tell us what's happening in your world.

PLEASE don't tell me what happens....


You know what’s tricky?

Imposing a media black out when you work on the internet.

I had to record the first episode of Offspring on Wednesday and now I’m desperately trying not to find out what happened. It’s proving to be very difficult though – it seems to the only thing people are talking about on social media and in real life.

It’s like Nina and Patrick are stalking me and the worst part is I don’t think I’m going to find time between now and next week to watch it.

Am I rambling? I’m rambling.

But I think I’m allowed to just this once because this is Mamamia’s Best and Worst of the week and talking about absolutely anything is what we do. It’s the end-of-the-week wrap up post where we open up the floor comments section of the site and ask you to tell us your best, worst and what’s on your mind.

I’ll start.

Best: Tin roofs, rainy nights and a beautiful dinner with my +1 for his birthday.

Worst: I keep forgetting to bring my umbrella to work.

Over to you now – what happening in YOUR amazing world?

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