CULT BUY: Why this French label's cardigan has a 30,000 person waitlist.

Let’s be honest, cardigans aren’t at the top of our wish-lists when it comes to fashion. But obviously, we want what we can’t have – and this cardigan has a 30,000 people waitlist. Yes…that is correct, 30,000 people want this cardigan.

Made by the French fashion label Sézane, the Barry Cardigan was first released in late September of this year, and according to Refinery29, has sold out in every colour since, multiple times.

“But…but, why is it so popular?” I hear you ask.

Well, like a good ol’ paper clip this cardigan is versatile.

It can be worn frontwards and backwards, you can dress it up or down, you can wear it on your shoulders or off your shoulders…

And, to top it all off, it comes in four different colours: black, ecru (we looked it up and apparently this means off-white), nude and grey.

LISTEN: Before you pick up the cardy, though, make sure to get rid of all your jeans. Post continues after audio. 

On Wednesday, the ecru off-white and nude cardigans were restocked on the website, and for a cool $158AUD, this cardigan can be yours (as long as you beat the other 30,000 people). The black and grey styles will be restocked on the 13th of December.

Have a look at the gallery below to see just how versatile it is.