The Internet is calling this the best wedding toast ever.

It was Caitlin’s big day. But it was her sisters who stole the show…

Well. This is certainly a wedding trend we can get on board with.

In what is quite possibly the best wedding toast of all time, Kelsey and Maddie Hallerman have performed a five-minute medley of back-to-back hits at their sister Caitlin’s wedding reception in California.

The pair took to the stage to tell the story of their sister Caitlin and her new husband John’s relationship through a range of songs, including Michael Jackson’s ‘Black or White’ and the Backstreet Boy’s ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’.

Although the pair admitted early on in their performance that they weren’t the greatest singers, the medley is an absolute musical treat and had the crowd – not to mention the bride and groom – in stitches.

Watch the video, produced by Chair7 Films, here:

Video via Chair7 Films

What do you think of the musical toast?

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