11 beautiful uses for Vaseline that will seriously change your life.

Forget the fancy stuff, the hardest working beauty product is actually a humble jar you’ve probably had sitting at the back of your bathroom since you moved in.

Yes, we’re talking about Vaseline.

Watch the video playing above to see what we’re talking about. 

It’s the tub that keeps on giving – and a staple to solve many a beauty dilemma.

Humble but helpful. Image: Supplied

Split ends? Hide them with vaseline. Want to avoid a dodgy tan? Grab the vaso. Here are 11 reasons why the stuff is a hair and makeup must-have.

1. It can make your perfume last longer.

If you're sick of your scent disappearing after five minutes, apply a small amount of vaseline to your pulse points. This will give something for the perfume to stick to.

2. It's a great mascara substitute.

If you don't feel like wearing mascara, apply a tiny bit to a spoolie and gently brush through your lashes. It will make them look longer and glossy (and incredibly soft too). As with all things near your eyes though, do take care - always test a small area first and discontinue if you experience any irritation.
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3. Prevent a patchy tan.

Want to avoid your tan clinging to the dry areas around your ankles, elbows and knees? Apply some vaseline on the problem areas to prevent patchiness.

4. Hide split ends.

If your ends are looking a little dry, work a little bit of vaseline through your split ends to make them look a bit healthier and shiny.

5. Use it as highlighter.

For a natural looking glow, dab a small amount on the tops of your cheekbones, under brows and down the bridge of your nose.

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6. Nail at-home hair dye.

Similarly, it works well to avoid any stains on skin around the hairline and ears when dyeing your hair. Copy the experts and apply in those areas, then wipe away when done.

7. Eliminate flyaways.

Caught short with frizz? Rub a tiny bit into your fingers and smooth away.

 8. It's the best eyebrow gel.

Low-maintenance beauty hack? Grab your spoolie and brush some vaso through your eyebrows. It will set them in place all day.

Image: Brittany Stewart

9. Essential manicure prep.

Apply vaseline to your cuticles before a manicure to clean the nail. Applying around the nail before painting will also make it super easy to clean away any smudges.

10. Prevent nail polish from crusting.

To stop nail polish bottles from crusting up and becoming impossible to open, pop some vaseline on the neck.

11. Hydrate skin.

Your face, your cracked heels or your poor, dry lips - whack on some vaseline and they'll be soft and supple in no time.

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