Just 18 of the hottest TV and movie sex scenes to spice up your weekend.

It is pretty cold outside, so what better way to warm up your weekend than to snuggle up in front of some seriously hot television?

Back in the dark ages (aka before the 2010s), we had to wait for the next sexy European film to drop on SBS, or rent something R-rated from the local Blockbuster while being judged by the teenager behind the counter.

Now, thanks to the fact we live in an era of high-definition streaming services and online movie download options, the juiciest content is at our fingertips. Hurrah!

To take the work out for you, I have even gathered 18 recommendations from the Mamamia community to make sure you can go straight to the good stuff.

You're so welcome.

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1. Bridgerton.

There is a lot of sex in Bridgerton seasons one and two, and in the spin-off prequel Queen Charlotte. If you want to cut straight to a sexy episode, episode six of season one, just after Daphne and Simon 'The Duke' tie the knot, contains many a hot moment including some outdoor sex and the famous oral sex on the ladder moment. Which, coincidentally, was the first scene the couple had to film together.


"My first ever scene was in the library, when Simon's going down on Daphne. And that was mine and Rege-Jean Page's first ever scene together. So the library is a memorable one for me," actor Phoebe Dynevor told Refinery29.

2. Normal People.

Based on the book by Sally Rooney, Normal People follows the lives of young lovers Marianne and Connell. The chemistry between this youthful, beautiful but sad-eyed pairing is lovely to watch, with episode two including a whole 10-minute sex scene to enjoy.

3. Narcos.

A show about Columbia's infamous drug cartels doesn't necessarily sound like it will contain some of the very best sex scenes around – but then, it does feature the ultimate internet daddy, Pedro Pascal.


Apparently, it is excellent television, but we're only here for the sexy bits. Please go immediately to episode two of season one, which has legendary status on TikTok. To get straight to the point – just fast forward to minute 19.59 for your pleasure. Then if you need more, please proceed directly to episode three of season two, minute 44.44. Enjoy!

4. Outlander.

Like Bridgerton, Outlander is well known for making viewers blush with some raunchy Scottish hotness in the form of Jamie, played by Sam Heughan.

There is so much chemistry between Jamie and his on-screen lover Claire, played by Caitríona Balfe, and it's refreshing to see the gorgeous Jamie the absolute focus of the camera's gaze. While there are six seasons, go straight to episode seven of season one, 'The Wedding' for some of the couple's best sex scenes. Although episode 11, where Jamie says he 'wants to watch' Claire orgasm in front of a roaring fire, is also supremely HOT.

5. Sex/Life.

Worthy only to note the famous shower scene starring Adam Demos and his giant penis. There are two seasons to get through, but season one episode three is certainly the most talked about. Skip straight to it.

6. Dirty Dancing.

Our first classic movie on the list from 1987, and memorable mostly for the beauty of Patrick Swayze as ICONIC dance instructor Johnny Castle. The foreplay dance scene between Johnny and Baby (Jennifer Grey) before they end up having sex in his cabin, is all suggestion, romance and tension. It's perfection, just like the soundtrack.


Hungry Eyes indeed. Image: Getty.

7. Game of Thrones.

Another series with a lot of sex. Some of it was very questionable so let's clarify that, in this case, we are referring to a particular sex scene. A steamy session between real-life husband and wife Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in the show as Jon Snow and Ygritte. Episode five of season three is where Jon sexily breaks his vow of celibacy when the pair get hot and steamy in a pool and he even invents oral sex. Great work Jon, and thank you.

8. Grey's Anatomy.

There are 19 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, the American medical drama show, but I am reliably informed by a fan that one sex scene, in particular, stands out. The moment in question is when April Kepner loses her virginity to Jackson Avery in the bathroom right before they take their board exams in season eight, episode 21. There's a big build-up to this iconic and passionate moment between the couple that ticks all the right boxes. Ahem.


9. How To Get Away With Murder.

It is possible that Shonda Rhimes casts people based on back muscles alone because ALL the sex scenes in How To Get Away With Murder are excellent. Please enjoy every single one.

10. Blue Valentine.

This 2010 film starring Michelle Williams as Cindy and Ryan Gosling as Dean is essentially a romantic drama about a dysfunctional relationship across a number of years, and features lots of very realistic sex and a famous oral sex moment.

11. The Notebook.

While this 2004 romantic drama film based on the Nicholas Sparks novel is problematic in many ways, it's worth watching for the moment Allie (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) come home after being in the rain on the lake. That is all.

12. Pride and Prejudice.

At 25.52 minutes into the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, Mr Darcy, played by Matthew Macfadyen, touches Elizabeth, played by Keira Knightley, on the hand. The focus on his hand and the electricity between this couple who clearly want each other is not lost on the audience. It brings out the emotions in all the right places.

The lake scene in the 1995 BBC television version of Pride and Prejudice also gets a notable mention for Colin Firth in his prime as the buttoned-up and rather hostile Mr Darcy – who is also SUPER hot in a white wet shirt. Smouldering viewing.


Mr Darcy, I presume? Image: Getty.

13. 365 Days.

The Polish film 365 Days on Netflix is about an ordinary woman called Laura who gets kidnapped by the mafia while on holiday in Sicily. In some corners of the internet, it is described as 'the closest thing to porn on Netflix', and the boat scene between Laura and her captor Massimo at 1.07 minutes (which goes for close to 10 minutes, fyi) includes some very horny, very loud sex.

14. The White Lotus.

The most memorable sex scene in The White Lotus has to be the one between Armond (played by Aussie Murray Bartlett) and his much younger staff member Dillon, played by Lukas Gage. The two characters are caught naked in Armond's office after consuming a lot of drugs and just as Armond is rimming Dillon. 


Surprise! Apparently, the actors were originally supposed to be caught having sex, but the pair thought it would be more interesting this way.

"We said, 'Wouldn't it be more interesting if Dillon's getting his salad tossed?" Gage told the AV Club. "I mean how often do we see that on TV? I think it's much more interesting and more jarring to walk in on."

Cheeky. Image: The White Lotus @instagram.


15. My Best Friend's Wedding.

Not the film most people would first think of for sexy sex scenes but the moment that Julia Roberts' love of her life Dermot Mulroney removes the wedding ring from her finger with his mouth has some fans having hot flushes in all the right places.

16. Disobedience.

The 2018 romantic drama film is full of surprises. The hotel sex scene between characters Esti (Rachel McAdams) and Ronit (Rachel Weisz), two orthodox Jewish women, is full of passion and tenderness. The fact their love is very much forbidden by their community makes it sexier and while the spitting isn't for everyone, this sex scene is absolutely white hot.

17. Atonement.

This 2007 romantic drama is based on the book by Ian McEwan and is mostly very sad but also a little bit sexy. I'm not sure what it is about period dramas and libraries, but the passionate up-against-the-books moment between a gorgeous Cecilia (Keira Knightley) in a bright green satin dress and Robbie (James McAvoy) is a beautiful and super-sexy moment indeed.

18. Titanic.

The legendary car scene and iconic 'handprint on the window' moment from 1997's Titanic should not be understated when it comes to classic movie sex scenes. No, we don't see much, but the chemistry between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) is undeniable, and the condensation on the window shows just how hard they're working. Respect.

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