Meet the one simple product that solves all of your beach annoyances.


Inbuilt cameras on smartphones. GPS navigation systems in cars. Micellar water makeup remover.

What do these three things have in common? They’re products that have made our lives substantially easier. Can’t-live-without-them kind of easy.

Now, I’ve got another to add to the list. It may be small and understated to the eye but it’s single-handedly revolutionised my summer beach experience. No exaggeration.

I’m talking about the humble Turkish towel. Yes, this is what my life has come to – a towel has changed me.


When I first took this product for a spin, I was skeptical. But one soft and trouble-free lie on the beach and I was pondering buying shares.

The thing about Turkish towels that makes regular ol’ towels the ugly stepsisters in this equation is the amount of space they take up.

Or rather, how little space they take up. Due to the lightweight, thin fabric, you can easily fold and roll these puppies into the size of a 600 ml bottle of water.

turkish towel
Image: Supplied.

Considering your regular inferior towel takes up the bulk of your already huge beach bag, these mean you can now downgrade to a smaller tote, or fill your current one with other fun stuff you’ve never had the space for. Like Speakers. A frisbee. Or four packets of Tim Tams.

Travelling on a summer holiday or packing for a family during the school holidays is always tricky when adding several bulky towels into the mix. With this slim, efficient option, you will have space! So much space, you'll feel like Ms Poppins!

Did I mention they double as picnic rugs, too? Well they do.

Despite how they look, they’re super absorbent and because they’re not fuzzy and thick, they dry in two seconds. (Post continues after gallery.)

Just like that, all of the annoyance and inconvenience of beach towels has been solved. Ahhh.

Trust me, if you try one of these there is no going back and you’ll probably irritate your family and friends and colleagues telling them about how they must do the same. 

If you’re keen to jump aboard the Turkish towel trend (do it) here are some options worth trying:


Tommy Towel, $39.

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This is the beauty I've owned for a couple of years now. It’s made from 100 per cent natural Turkish cotton with no chemicals, synthetic dyes or pesticides. Looks lovely too.

Sammimis in Taormina, $60.

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Serento towel, $49.

turkish towel
Image: Serento.

Adairs Home Republic Silver Stripe Turkish Peshtemal Towel, $19.95.

Image: Adairs.

Knotty towel, $25.

@neon_circus is tickled pink it’s Friday! ????

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