CULT BUY: "The $8.99 product for blondes I didn't know I needed."


FYI: This is not sponsored content, just something I really love and as an often brassy blonde, needed to share. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve noticed that no matter how ashy I want my hair to be, no matter how much I aim to emulate the hair of Jennifer Lawrence/Amanda Seyfried/Amber Heard (their faces would be nice, too), my hair simply wants to be… yellow.



Only those who are blonde or have been blonde in the past will understand this struggle.

Obviously, a large part of my routine when I get my hair coloured is adding an ashy toner. I sit there while the hairdresser applies approximately one million foils, and then once those are removed, the hairdresser tones the colour so it blends and goes a very white blonde.

However, I can't afford to get my hair done every few weeks (or months for that matter) so I needed a solution to maintain my colour in-between appointments. Yes, of course I use purple shampoo, but it's just not as effective as I need it to be.

Enter: the solution I didn't know I needed.

It's called Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde - Blonde Toner, and it's a toner you can actually use at home. It neutralises yellow gold tones in five minutes (you can leave it in for anywhere between one and five minutes) and leaves your hair soft and smelling like you've just paid a lot of money at the hairdresser.

An absolute godsend. Image via Chemist Warehouse.

The best part? At Chemist Warehouse right now, it's only $7.99 (RRP $8.99).

Time and time again, it's transferred my brassy head into an icy blonde one, and meant that I can hold off that hairdresser's appointment just a few weeks longer.

It doesn't matter whether you've washed your hair - just apply the purple... cream? (my hair lingo is terrible, please excuse it) and leave it in for up to five minutes. Then rinse out and voila!

My only advice would be to apply the toner carefully. It's purple, and no one wants purple stains in their bathroom (I have many).

Schwarzkopf Nordic Blonde - Blonde Toner is everything I like it a product - it's cheap, it works, and I can buy it from the supermarket.

Please, spread the word. This is extremely important blonde news.