"I do all my beauty shopping at the supermarket"

Image: Jo Abi (supplied)

It all began when my MAC NC-25 mineral compact foundation was held hostage by Australia Post. After discovering it two years ago I hadn’t used anything else and would buy it online two at a time – one for my home makeup kit and one for my travel makeup bag that I carry in my handbag.

My foundation shortage had become quite desperate. I was at the point where I was trying to scrape it out of the very edges of the compact and I needed an urgent replacement. I prayed for my little package to arrive.

That’s when I came home and saw the card in my letterbox informing me that my parcel was at my local post office and I could collect it there. I was pissed. It’s like they wait around the corner and the second they see me leave for work they shove a card in my letterbox.

I was working full time and the post office opening hours seemed exactly in sync with my work hours. For a week I tried to pick that bloody package up until I cracked during my weekly late night grocery shopping and grabbed a Maybelline New York Super Stay Makeup in Nude.

I felt dirty.

I arrived home and applied it using the sponge from my compact and it glided on. It stayed. It hydrated. I was in heaven. I was still in love with my MAC; I was just having a bit of a naughty affair with Maybelline. I wasn’t hurting anyone.

For me, foundation is the oracle, so once I found my preferred source it was just a matter of time before I started making all of my major and minor beauty purchases at the supermarket.

Now, each week when I grocery shop, I buy all my cosmetics and beauty products. My fancy concealer ran out so I bought Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind in Medium.


I’ve always bought eye shadows and nail polishes from Coles and Woolies so I picked up Maybelline eye shadow in Chic Naturals, a Rimmel eye shadow in Smokey Brun and a Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate lipstick in Rouge A Levres. I’ve never owned a better-smelling lipstick with such vivid colour. Basically, it’s bright pink and exactly matches my Cutex Quick ‘n Go Fuschia Fury.

"Now, each week when I grocery shop, I buy all my cosmetics and beauty products." Image via Coles


Now as I rummage through my makeup bag I see all the supermarket brands in there. And you know what? The results aren’t hideous. In fact, they’re pretty damn good.


I always get complimented on my makeup and I always explain that it’s because I picked up a few tricks when I worked at the makeup emporium when I was nineteen, so I can do my own face really well. Sadly I don’t know how to do anyone else’s. I only paid attention to what would help me with my round face, spotty skin, uneven lips and wonky eyes.

This whole experience has served as a reminder that when it comes to beauty products, it’s not always what you buy, where you buy it from or how much it costs, it’s in knowing how to use them.

Before I started supermarket makeup shopping, buying beauty products was a pain. The department stores in my local area are all the way on the other side of the shopping centre and when I do manage to drag the kids there, they either don’t have any staff or don’t have what I want and tell me they'll need to order it in.

So I go online and if I do manage to find what I need, I have to figure out how to get to my local, never open, post office to pick it up. No thanks!

But now I feel like I have won control of my life back (and my face).  I’ve wandered out of the darkness into the bright, artificial light of my supermarket where all my favourite cosmetic brands are just around the corner from the Tim Tams and the discount cat food. And I’m NEVER going back.

Where do you buy your favourite beauty products?

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