"Great for running without knocking your chin and breaking it": 8 women on the best sports bras for big boobs.

Finding a good sports bra for big boobs is f**king hard. Why? We don't know. Because it's not exactly a tall order - and it's 2020, so we're supposed to be abreast of the times, no? (Sorry, just couldn't help ourselves).

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We all just want something that; a) holds your boobs in and prevents bounce, b) you can take off without dislocating your shoulders, and c) *actually* fits. How good would that be? 

Because the general S, M, L, XL kinda sizing is just not a thing when you have an F cup. Like, really it's not.

And don't get us started on those flimsy, removable cups that just crumple up in the wash (like, either sew them in or just leave them TF out?).

*Closes eyes and takes a deep breath*.

To save you spending all your money on s**t sports bras that do nothing for you, we've asked eight women for their favourite ones, and why they rate them.

Berlei Full Support Non-Padded Sports Bra.


"This one flattens and supports big boobs so they're literally not going anywhere. Great for running and jumping, without knocking your chin and breaking it." - Ellie.

Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra, $59.95

Triumph Triaction Performance Sports Bra

"It has a wire (some sports bras don’t, which is s**t) and the straps are thick, so it's super comfy! It's not padded, but I'm okay with that for a sports bra. My favourite thing is that it's easy to take on/off - I hate the ones that you have to take over your head, it hurts my shoulders so bad! This one lets me take it off more like a normal bra. It's also relatively cheap, so that's a win." - Samantha.

Bendon First Generation Underwire Sports Bra, $49.95

Bendon First Generation Underwire Sports Bra.


"This one saved my life." - Sarah.

Intimo Active High Impact Bra, $97.50

Intimo Active High Imapct Bra.

"It holds everything down and keeps it all in place - no matter what workout you're doing. Seriously, Intimo is the only place I shop for bras." - Beth.

Berlei Tech Ultimate Performance Bra, $99.95

Berlei Tech Ultimate Performance Bra


"Berlei Tech Ultimate Performance Bra, every time. It's bloody expensive, but it's the only sports bra I buy!" - Mel.

Lululemon Run Times Bra

"I love this one. It holds in my boobs without feeling tight/suffocating. Your boobs still bounce a bit when you're running or skipping, but I feel like you're always going to get this. I usually wear a little crop top over the top, and I comfortable knowing things won't fly out. The straps are comfy and don't slip. It also has a clip at the back, so it's not hard to get off like 95 percent of other sports bras." - Sinead.

Triumph Triaction Seam-Free Crop Top, $65

Triumph Triaction Seam-Free Crop Top


"This one is great, but you have to go for the size down to get it to that swaddled point of tightness required for, um, bouncing." - Katie

Running Bare Thermal Tech No Bounce Sports Bra, $79.99

Running Bare Thermal Tech No Bounce Sports Bra

"I really rate this one from Running Bare. They do the trick for lower impact activities, like walking/body pump etc." - Nicolle.

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