The $7 skincare wipes every working mother needs

Like dry shampoo, it’s hard to remember what we ever did before facial wipes. Sure, we used to wash our hair and faces more often, but why bother when modern inventions allow us to do otherwise?

Facial wipes are a blessing for working mothers, busy women and the ‘can’t be bothered’ among us. And I’ve discovered a game-changer among all the brands in your local supermarket.

I’m often the sole parent responsible for feeding, bathing and putting my daughter to bed. And by putting to bed I mean up to two hours of walking her back into her room, patting, singing, reading books and silently praying that this time, she’ll actually go the f*ck to sleep. I’m often too knackered at the end of the day to bother with proper cleansing. I reach for a makeup removing wipe and hope for the best. (I feel like I need to justify that statement by telling you I make up for it on the weekend with a deep Clarisonic cleanse.)

"Look, look at all the makeup they take off"- Nicky.

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I’ve been devoted to the same two brands of skincare wipes for years now (Josie Maran and Wotnot), and though I’ve tried many other brands that come across my desk as my role as beauty editor for The Glow, I’ve steadfastly remained loyal to the two above-mentioned brands.


Then I took a packet of Johnson’s Night Pampering Facial Cleansing Wipes home. I expected these to be your standard run-of-the-mill face wipes, but they’re definitely not.

It’s the smell that hits you first. Infused with a moonflower fragrance, the theory behind these is that the relaxing scent will put you in a sleepy frame of mind, and thus give you a better night’s sleep.

That’s a huge responsibility for a facial wipe, and it wasn’t my experience (read: insomnia problems) but I definitely felt more relaxed after taking off my makeup. But all this is an added extra because all you really want in a wipe is for it to remove the majority of your makeup - these do that too. It even did a decent job of the hard-to-shift mascara on my thrice-coated lashes.

Unlike some wipes, which can be drying on the skin, the Johnson's wipes leaves your skin feeling moisturised but not oily. Which sounds like a fantastic thing, but it's problematic because now I've started skipping the toner and moisturiser too...

Johnson's Night Pampering Wipes, $6.99, selected supermarkets and pharmacies.

Which facial wipes do you use?