The sex position men and women are avoiding at all costs.

The phrase ‘let’s try something new’ is as common in the bedroom as missionary.

But in couples’ quest for some erotic excitement, there is apparently one sex position that causes more anxiety than any other.

And no, the number one most-feared sex position is not anal.

According to UK retailer Superdrug Online Doctor, there is one, rather risky, bodily arrangement that is deemed too dangerous for most.

The survey, which focused on heterosexual sex, surveyed one thousand sexually active adults in the UK.

And the results for which sex position is most terrifying? Standing 69.

57 per cent of women and 43 per cent of male respondents revealed that they feared the idea it. Which is probably the most understandable answer we’ve ever heard due to the profound impracticality of this position.

In case you haven’t heard, a standing 69 requires one person to hold the other whilst they not only focus on sexually satisfying their partner BUT ALSO holding up their body weight, with the knowledge that if they drop them they will fall on their head.


The second most fear-inducing position is, unsurprisingly, anal. This was followed by the ‘kneeling wheelbarrow’, which, upon research, is a form of doggy style but the man is standing and holding the woman’s legs on either side of his hips. Which sounds like it requires a high level of… fitness.


And in news that is totally expected, the most comfortable sexual position for men and women is missionary. Because despite how many different positions women’s magazines claim will reignite that sexual spark… every couple always has their go-to, orgasm-inducing position which they inevitably revert back to. And often, that position is good old missionary.

If trying standing 69 isn’t for you, then perhaps sex toys are. We deep dive on the best way to use vibrators and toys to your advantage, on our sex podcast…

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