Australia's biggest tightarses share their most unusual saving tips.

We all have at least one friend who is, erm, a little tight with their money.

And while it might be a little infuriating trying to organise going out for dinner when they have four weeks of meals prepared in their freezer or getting a request that you please pay back that $3.47 they lent you, there’s no denying when it comes to saving and budgeting they’re probably doing it better than you.

Which is why when they share their unusual money-saving tips they swear by, you grab a pen and paper and listen closely.

In a recent post, users in Simple Savers, a Facebook group dedicated to frugality and simple living, shared their best tips and they’re proof that small changes can reap big rewards.

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Some are stupidly simple. Others are slightly peculiar. All will save you major dollars.


"I charge my phone and laptop at work. Probably doesn't save that much money but I need to guilt charge my phone every day because I'm on it a lot." - Jaimee

"Closing windows and curtains to save on heating and cooling. Always looking for coupons when it comes to car servicing or expensive things like tyres." - Ruby Lee

"I find out where's there's free or cheap parking where I'm going in advance. I also make bookings in advance to take advantage of cheap pre-paid parking in the city (Sydney). "- Amanda Jane.

"Every km we walk instead of driving we put 30 cents into our holiday jar. Six weeks in and we have saved $180. (Great incentive to be more active too, my nine year old son who never wanted to walk anywhere now complains if I pick him up with the car, even when there are thunderstorms.)" - Marissa

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"[Switching to] Cloth nappies. We've got two in nappies, disposables would cost a fortune. Not to mention fill the bin." - Shelby

"I freeze all fruit not eaten from lunch boxes for smoothies and baking (half bananas, scraps of watermelon etc) " - Brianna


"We have a two year old who loves to have some milk in the morning and night. We water it down every time. He knows no different. I also dilute my laundry liquid and stopped buying fab softener." - Jodi

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"Don't 'upgrade' just because you want to, wait till you need to. I just bought a new, washing machine, clothes dryer, and fridge because after 15 years of heavy use they were all on the blink. I bought good quality and hopefully will get at least 15 years out of these ones!" - Natalie


"Haggle when it comes to buying big ticket items like cars, furniture and appliances. You don't ask for a discount, you don't get!" - Amanda Jane

"Shopping online. We live far away from shops so postage is cheaper than petrol. Also reduces impulse buys as I just get what I'm after". - Rae

"I look out for clothing swap nights. There is usually one every few months, and they are easy to organise with a group of friends if you can't find one in your area. Almost all my clothes come from these, they are a great way to have a fun night and refresh your wardrobe at the same time." - Mae

"Every time I go to impulse buy something I go on my bank app and transfer that amount to a goal saver account that has only in bank withdrawals I don't have time to go into a bank to withdraw money so it just sits there." - Tanya


"I put all my change and any change I find while cleaning the house and doing washing in a money box. Saved $30 last week just from cleaning and washing." - Tamara

"I transfer whats odd in my bank at the end of the day into an online savings account with high interest so if I have 52.80 ill transfer 2.80 to it. I can access it easy if I want to but it takes three days to transfer back so i just leave it there." - Kara

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"Surveys. You do a few and get points and then you cash in points for vouchers. I have gotten Priceline, Coles and Kmart vouchers in the past when I cashed in points. Use those vouchers instead of cash."- Melissa

"I cash in cans and bottles. I rarely buy soft drink ect but I seem to collect quite a few empties from visitors. I only get about $40 a year but that's enough for a years supply of chook food (get food scraps too) so basically all the eggs I get are free." - Tamara



"I use the classic 'If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down'." - Brianna .

"Always constantly looking out for free stuff, even on the side of the road. Got a great big black wooden TV cabinet nothing wrong with it for free." - Rachael


"I save the crusts on bread and when I have a few, we have toasted sandwiches. They are a winner here." - Jacqui.

"Using veggie scraps eg celery leaves instead of parsley, beetroot greens instead of spinach." - Chantelle


"If I'm eating out at a food court in a shopping centre, I buy my water from the supermarket for a 75c 1L bottle of Water, cheaper than $2-4 at the food court!"- Amanda Jane

"We do the kids eat free nights if we want to go out for a meal."- Ruby Lee

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"I stick the old soap as it's getting towards the end onto a new bar of soap and buy pump pack shampoo and conditioner, body wash and then refill them with what ever is on special. Others in the house haven't worked it out yet." - Jacqui

"Cut my own hair. A simple trim isn't rocket science and there are lots of tutorials on YouTube." - Lianne

What's your unusual money saving tip?