What's the best relationship advice you've ever received?

You might be prone to writing #relationshipgoals on your favourite Instagram couple, but what does it really take to keep a relationship in tact? Turns out the lovely people of Reddit have a few answers for us (or a 1000), that may/may not be relatable to you and your current situation.

20 marriage tips
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Who knows, it might just find you the One! But everyone on Reddit has agreed that this love stuff ain't easy, so if you're in it for the long haul, than be prepared.

  • "Learn to forget about feeling awkward when discussing your feelings and understand that great relationships only occur with good communication. Too many times in the past I've had arguments or disagreements with girlfriends which could have been avoided if i'd just told her what I was feeling from the start." - finebushlane
  • "A relationship should make you feel better, not worse. If someone isn't making you happier than you'd be without them, break up." - TheSquirrel
  • "There's no shame in being alone and anyone who tries to make you feel that way is an ass. If you haven't met someone who fits you, then naturally you shouldn't be dating anyone. Why would you want to date someone who doesn't fit you, or why would you spend your time pining for someone who you've never met? Work on improving yourself and being happier." - employeeno5
  • "Rejection is something that you can move on from. Regret will never leave you." - pheus
  • "Passive aggression solves nothing. More often than not, honesty and openness will fix your problem." - mike_burck
  • "You don't "win" someone's heart. It doesn't work that way. Don't guilt-trip your partner or let anyone guilt-trip you into forgiving before your ready. It can lead to bigger things blowing up down the road." -
  • "Don't expect a relationship to make your life happy. Learn to be happy without a relationship and then love might come along." - music-box-love
  • "If you're in a relationship, be in a relationship. Don't cheat or keep a foot halfway out the door. If you feel compelled to be that way, it means that the relationship is not what it should be. Be honest about that with yourself and partner and move on if you're not both on the same page. If someone doesn't compel you to choose to be committed to them, then don't commit to them. You'll both end up unhappy. I don't suggest that commitment isn't hard or doesn't take work of sacrifice, but you should at least genuinely want it, not need to work on wanting it." - employeeno5
  • "If something bothers you about a person in the first month of a relationship, that thing will bother you about them forever. So unless they are actively fixing it, decide if you can tolerate it." - Concise_Pirate
  • "Always. Always, have a condom on you. Man or woman. Doesn't matter." - ihahp
  • "You are awesome and deserve someone awesome. Don't accept anything less." - Bauer22
  • "Instead of expecting each other to be mind-readers or just being passive aggressive, have a real conversation about things that are bothering you." - lefeministe
  • "Give your partner a break on the little things. Isn't he/she more important than a tube of toothpaste, a bit of laundry, a foolish word? Forgive instead of criticizing or complaining. Your partner will think of you as rarely complaining, and your kindness will come back to you." - Concise_Pirate
  • "Find what makes YOU happy, not what other people tell you should make you happy, or what society expects should make you happy." - InfinitelyThirsting

Did any of these ring true for you?