It's been 15 years since The Princess Diaries. Here are our five fave moments.


Stop right there.

It has been 15 years (!!!!) since The Princess Diaries and Princess Mia Thermopolis awkwardly stomped onto our screens and into our hearts.

Considering this movie series gave us both Anne Hathaway and an appreciation of how an eyebrow wax can change EV-ER-Y-THING, we owe it a tribute.

So here are our five fave Princess Diaries moments.

1. The makeover. THE MAKEOVER.

I was going to save this one until last, but I couldn’t do it.

Remember the boofy-haired Mia, who wore clunky school shoes and had terrible eyebrows?

“You broke my glasses.” “You broke my brush.”




I think this might be my favourite Princess Diaries moment – nay – I think it’s my favourite movie moment of all time.

2. When Lana and Josh did this…

I’m not kidding when I say I thought this was a thing boyfriends and girlfriends did. Like… a lot.

It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realise this was just a movie thing.

3. When Mia hit Josh with the baseball.

This scene is the perfect depiction of what we’d all like to do to our high school’s dickcake.


And good GOD Josh was such a dickcake.

4. “Lana got coned!”

This moment – this glorious ice cream moment – was a definitive win for all the awkward nerds out there.

“Lana got coned!” should probably be crowned as the best phrase to ever come from a movie in all of human history.

Team Mia all the way.

5. When Mia and Michael *finally* got together.

My heart still swells when I remember Mia telling Michael she wanted him.

And when Michael replied “Why me?” THIS HAPPENED.

I just. I cannot.

Be still my beating heart.

What are your favourite Princess Diaries moments?