'I can't be separated from it.' 19 women share the purchase that got them through pregnancy.

Pregnancy is the weirdest thing I have done to date. Between body and hormone changes, the aches and pains of completely rearranged insides and having a little wriggling worm playing the drums in your belly, it's got to be one of the strangest human experiences. 

It's also the tiredest, sickest, achiest and most overwhelming thing many women put themselves through. 

When I first fell pregnant, I had no clue what to buy. Like most niche areas, the world of maternity is a highly marketed space full of lotions and potions and bits and bobs you 'have' to have. 

But what is actually worth the money? 

To help, I spoke to a bunch of formally pregnant and currently pregnant mums to share their number one purchase that got them through those long nine months. 

I'll go first. 

The Butterfly Pillow, $127.

Image: Butterfly maternity.


I started using this pillow from about 16 weeks pregnant and now I can't be separated from it. 

Now that my belly is bigger, it's the much needed support I need to soothe any aches and pains to allow me to actually sleep. 

I decided against a big full body pillow as it felt like too much pillow-to-bed ratio when I share the space with another human, and honestly I haven't felt like I am missing out having something more streamline. If I need to, sometimes I'll pop a regular couch cushion between my knees for that bit of extra support.

Brillo Beauty, The Pregnancy Trio, $108. 

Image: Brillo Beauty.


My second recommendation is a Lady Startup by Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli. 

They gifted me their pregnancy products as I entered my third trimester, and I have used them religiously every single day since. The Spray has been a lifesaver for my hectic leg cramps, and The Butter and The Oil have left my belly and legs feeling so silky smooth and hydrated. 

I've found the brand to be luxurious, but without the frills - just good quality products. 

Lululemon Aligns Super-High-Rise Pant, $119, & Muscle Nation Maternity Everyday Bike Short, $38.99.

Image: Lululemon.


"Buying a good brand of tights/bike shorts were essential for me and my growing belly. Lululemon Aligns (sized up one size) and Muscle Nation maternity got me through, so much so I wore them to the hospital to give birth. They felt so supportive on my sore tummy and helped support my hips as I suffered from severe pelvic girdle and bursitis." - Callie. 

Seedlip Grove Non Alcoholic Spirits, $49.95

Image: Seedlip.


"I was pregnant over summer/Christmas with twins so I loved a Great Northern Zero on a hot day, or I made cocktails or a G&T from the Seedlip Grove gin. It made me feel like I wasn’t missing out at all! I think what I loved about them was that there was no sacrificing on flavour, and they weren’t just full of sugar. Great for managing gestational diabetes when you’re feeling very flat about missing all the wonderful foods and drinks." - Tessa. 

Birth Skills by JuJu Sundin, $35.95

Image: Booktopia.


"This book gives you a fantastic mindset about working with pain in labour and it prepares you to be proactive. It encourages women to take their power back and the strategies can be very empowering.

"I feel that many women are not really prepared for working with the contractions as labour intensifies. The system does place a large emphasis on interventions and this book is great at giving so many options before resorting to interventions (if that’s your preference). Everyone will have different preferences and intuitions in their birth, which JuJu accounts for." - Lea. 


Bambi Baby Body Pillow, $59.96.

Image: Baby Bunting.

"I STILL use mine now and I have a toddler." - Hayley.

Ripe Hunter Over Bump Crop Jean, $139.95.

Image: Ripe.


"They’re super comfortable and sit over the bump for added support. They also just look like regular 'mum' jeans so they’re quite versatile and go with everything." - Megan.

Go Walk 6 Sketchers, $129.95.

Image: The Iconic. 


"Shoes with no laces to tie! Such a hard thing to do when you cannot reach your feet. These are my go to eight years later for work as well." - Carolyn. 

Bunnings Pick Up Tool, $7.99.

Image: Bunnings.


"This right here is the real third trimester MVP, when you can no longer see your feet, much less bend over to pick up stuff off the floor." - Georgie. 

Target Maternity One Piece Bathers, $40.

Image: Target.


"The feel of weightlessness in water in late pregnancy was what got me through those last weeks." - Emily. 

'I Am Going To Be A Mum' Pregnancy Journal, $34.99.

Image: Handwriting Love.


"To me it was a notebook where I could take notes of all the information I received from nurses, doctors, friends, family, and Google. It made me feel good to have all the important information always at the ready and helped me feel more comfortable that I wouldn't forget anything." - Chiara.

Mama & Bird Belly Butter, $36.00, and Belly Oil, $35.00.

Image: Queen Bee. 

"Mama & Bird products were the best. Also use it on your bust and butt to prevent stretch marks!" - Courtney. 


Cribsheet, $20.95.

Image: Booktopia.

"I relied on the book Cribsheet that has the actual evidence around recommendations to cut through all the noise/advice/deep dark blog holes at 3am." - Amber. 

Smileybelt, $59.90.

Image: Smileybelt.


"Smileybelt during pregnancy helped me with the aches and pains, and kept everything supported as my baby started taking up more room. Then I had a c-section, and the Belly Bandit helped me feel safe, secure, and more mobile during recovery." - Gina.

 SRC Pregnancy Shorts, $189.00. 

Image: SRC Health.


"I loved SRC pregnancy and recovery shorts. They were supportive during pregnancy and helped knit everything back together after birth." - Bec. 

Lifesavers Fruit Tingles, $4.20. 

Image: Woolworths. 


"These got me through morning/all day sickness at work." - Rebecca. 

Willow By The Sea Body Butter, $38.00.

Image: Will By The Sea.


"Putting it on every day gave me a sense of calm and serenity." - Haroula. 

Bonds Originals Maternity WireFree Contour Bra, $44.99.

Image: Bonds.


"People talk about your cup size changing, but your rib cage can start expanding before that happens. Ditch the wires early!" - Amber.

Endota Spa Heat Collar, $65.

Image: Endota.

"Towards the end of my pregnancy, this collar heat pack helped with the achy hips and back. It also felt nice on my shoulders. My tip is to use it when you’re in bed just before going to sleep." - Danisha. 


Kmart 3 Pack Maternity Briefs, $12.

Image: Kmart.

"Kmart maternity undies were so comfy, I wish I’d got them earlier in my pregnancy." - Annika. 

Feature Image: Mamamia/Seedlip/Endota/Target/Willow By The Sea.

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