The only podcasts you need to listen to this summer.

Each week on Mamamia OutLoud we’d give our recommendations of what we had watched/read or listened to that week. But you told us you wanted more. So we came up with three bonus episodes that would give you just that.
Searching for a good podcast is like looking for a very small needle in a very large haystack. There are a lot of options out there.
And it can take some time to differetiate the good from the bad.
Obviously you know you can trust the Mamamia Podcast Network — but who else? The Mamamia OutLoud team of Mia Freedman, Jamila Rizvi and Monique Bowley have some ideas.

Women of the hour, with Lena Dunham

This mini series of five hour-long episodes is hosted by Girls creator Lena Dunham. She talks to powerful women about friendship, family and power. 

Mia Freedman says: “I just like the storytelling of it. There’s a bonus episode towards the end of the series, and it has journalist Helen-Anne Peterson talking about the loss of her first love. It was just a beautiful piece of audio. There are some episodes that resonated with me more than others. It was a bit patchy in parts, but I’m always very interested to see what Lena Dunham does.”

Chat 10 Looks 3

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb talk about pop culture, musicals, books they’re reading and stuff they are doing. It’s a peek inside their marvellous world.

Jamila Rizvi says: “Other than our own, (LOLZ) it has to be the best podcast of the year. The thing I love most is Annabel’s use of language. I don’t know anyone else who uses words like rambunctious in their everyday chat. I also love when Leigh decides to get her show tunes on. It brings joy to my heart when she channels Julie Andrews because it is just so divergent from her 7.30 persona. But the best bit is the relationship between the two of them.”

Monocycle, Leandra Medine


New York fashion blogger rambles into a microphone with her thoughts and feelings on #lyfe

Monique Bowley says: “This is my secret, shameful podcasting pleasure. I don’t know who Leandra Medine is (she’s a New York blogger with a fashion website, Monz), but I like the cut of her jib. These short, 20 minute eps is her inner monologue. It probably should stay that way, except like every 20-something year old New Yorker, she thinks her innermost thoughts are worthy of a larger platform. I cannot stop listening. It’s like junk food for my ears. I love it.”

Here’s The Thing, with Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin hosts longform interviews with some of the most interesting people in the US. Be it movie stars or directors, writers or producers.

Jamila Rizvi says: “It’s my Sunday morning indulgence. I really do pick and choose with this podcast, because a lot of the people he interviews — I’m not that interested in. But if you go back over his feed you are guranteed to find someone who will engage and excite you. I’ve enjoyed Julie Andrews, Jerry Seinfield and Julie Taymor. There is something in it for anyone who works in a creative profession.”

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