Four 'dumb phones' that'll be ideal for your child this Christmas.

It’s time for their first phone.

Your child is approaching that awkward age where they need to be able to contact you. They need to be able to reach you in case of emergency… without having the world wide web at their fingertips.

Whether you’ve forgotten to pick them up from school, soccer practice, or their friend’s house, they need a platform on which you can communicate with them about how late you’re running. Especially as they gain independence, and spend more time away from you.

Listen: Angela Mollard speaks about finding a sext in her daughter’s phone on This Glorious Mess. (Post continues after audio.)

Here are some ideas for mobile phones that do the bare minimum: calls and texts, without access to the internet.

Plus, they’re less than $60.

Microsoft Nokia 215

Microsoft Nokia 215. via Mobileciti.

The Nokia 215 has all the basics: ability to call and text, as well as a camera and a torch. A TORCH. IN A PHONE? HOW? Super basic, easy to use, and sure to bring on some serious nostalgia within you.

Cost: $49

You can buy the Microsoft Nokia 215 online here.

Nokia 130 - Red

Nokia 130. via DX.

Basically identical to the previous 'dumb phone' but COLOURFUL.

Cost: $66.60

You can buy the Nokia 130 online here.

Vodafone Alcatel onetouch 2052

Vodafone Alcatel onetouch 2052. via Big W.

This cute number from Vodafone has all the basic gizmos as well as FM radio and a not-too-awful camera.


Cost: $30 - $60 (depending on plan).

You can buy the Vodafone Alcatel onetouch 2052 from Big W, Target or Coles.


Let's be real though; it's 2016. Unless you're out in the middle of the desert, you can walk into any Coles, Woolies, Myer, Target, David Jones, newsagent or post office and purchase a phone on the spot.

I'm going to throw one more option out there, however.

This one's for you helicopter parents. No judgement, you guys. None at all. It's a big and scary world out there and the thought of your little guy or girl being exposed to that might just be too much.

KISA phone

KISA phone. via KISA.

The KISA phone was designed for seniors who don't understand technology and apps and phones and it's all too overwhelming. But it's also perfect for kids.

It lets your child contact 10 pre-stored numbers with a single button press. There are no digital menus or confusing features. And it has a one-touch emergency services button. It is, however, pricier.

Cost: $139

You can buy the KISA phone online here.

Does your child have a 'dumb phone'? Is it safe? Share your experience in the comments below...