Everybody missed the very best part of the Wonder Woman trailer.

To those not in the know, you should be aware that Wonder Woman is around 5,000 years old.

Which is funny, considering that’s also roughly how long we’ve been waiting for her to get her very own blockbuster, big screen treatment.

So you can imagine the excitement this weekend when the first Wonder Woman official  trailer, featuring the fierce Gal Gadot in the title role, was dropped at long last.

People quickly flooded Youtube as they scrambled to view it and within minutes of its release it was shared extensively across social media.

I heard one crazy woman was so excited to see it that she may or may not have given herself a concussion in her haste to open her laptop and view the Wonder Woman goodness (spoiler alert, that woman was me.)

Image via Atlas Entertainment.

But after that first viewing, it's easier to see that not all is as it should be in this DC offering.

The long-awaited trailer opens on Chris Pine, playing the character of Steve Trevor, and straight away we're thrown by the fact that the story of the world's most influential female superhero is introduced through the eyes of a man.

Without quite realising it at first, it's clear to see we’re viewing the world of Wonder Woman through his eyes, his experiences and his backstory. It's almost like they’re trying to tell his story on top of hers.

Are the film makers really so scared that viewers will turn away from the screen if they’re not automatically soothed by the sight of a straight white male in the first millisecond of the trailer? Sadly, precedents would suggest that they actually have a point.

However, upon a second (okay, fifth) viewing of the trailer, the best part of Wonder Woman actually becomes clear. And it has nothing to do with Chris Pine's face, lovely as it is.

Hello, Chris Pine. Image via Atlas Entertainment.

The beautiful part of the trailer is that Wonder Woman has not been overly sexualised.

Her iconic costume, originally designed to show off maximum leg and breast, is depicted as enduring and functional, rather than just decorative.

Towards the end of the trailer, Trevor says to Dianna “I can’t let you do this" to which she replies “what I do is not up to you.”

Which proves that somewhere in there, behind the Chris Pine focused love story the writers somehow think they have to tell, is the story of Wonder Woman the Warrior. Not the lovelorn sidekick.

And that is the very best thing to come out of this trailer, and a great sign of things to come.