Stop what you're doing and watch the best Oscars moments. Right now.

The 86th Academy Awards are on today – otherwise known as The Day Ellen DeGeneres Broke The Internet.

It’s been a big day: Ellen ordered hot pizza for all the famous hungry people, Pharrell made Meryl Streep dance, Lupita Nyong’o made Benedict Cumberbatch cry real human tears, Cate Blanchett nailed the body glitter trend, and Jared Leto brought his mama as his date.

But here, we bring you The Greatest Oscar Moments of 2014.

1. Jennifer Lawrence stacked it.

Yes. Again. As for the woman in blackJ-Law tried to take down with her? We have no idea.

2. Lupita Nyong’o boogied with Pharrell Williams.

Incidentally, she’s also absolute perfection in floor-length powder blue pleats by Prada.

3. Jared Leto stopped all our hearts beating with one hair flick.

Locks so luscious, he makes angels cry.

4. The greatest selfie of all time took place.

This image was retweeted so many times it shut down Twitter.

 5. And the second best selfie of all time.

Hey Liza Minnelli, the ’90s called, they want their blue mascara back.

 6. Brad Pitt handed out plates for pizza like a helpful camp leader.

Look at him go! Handing out them plates

7. Ellen’s most spectacular costume change.

We always knew she was magical.

8. Ellen’s entire hilarious opening monologue.

Take that, Seth McFarlane.


9. Lupita Nyong’o accepting her Best A=Supporting Actress award.

With grace, elegance, and modesty.


10. Pink covering Over The Rainbow in a red sequin gown.

With Judy Garland’s family in the audience.

All the Academy Award frocks here…

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