The most brilliant memes to come of the Rio Olympics so far.

The Olympic Games so often capture the moments that make us proud to call our country home.

But there are some moments that make us feel other things. Things that can only be communicated via big white letters over-layed on a photo of that moment.

So without further ado…


Source: Screenshot/Facebook.

GOLD! To the photographer who captured him.

Source: Screenshot/Facebook.
Source: Facebook/Screenshot.

The high-brow glory of Rio.

Source: Facebook/Screenshot.

As somebody who is constantly double-booking social arrangements... this one hits close to the heart.

Click, laugh, grab the person next to you, laugh again.


But let's not forget all the magic that's been happening on Twitter too.

And this winner of a post...

Watch as one of our very own Olympics gives us another reason to back the games.