The 5 best non-fiction books women have been loving in 2018.

Be it the inspiration or invaluable information you gain, a good non-fiction book can be just as transformative as a fictional narrative.

The amazing array of literature published in 2018 is one of the better things to come out of the year and as we approach the holiday season, we have you covered on the recommendations you need to know about – because we all know books can be one of our best companions in life.

Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift this Christmas, these books have been read and adored and come to you recommended by Mamamia staff and readers.

Here are just some of the non-fiction books, published this year, that women have been loving.

Any Ordinary Day, Leigh Sales

Leigh Sales, host of ABC’s flagship news and current affairs show 7:30, has amazed readers with her new book, which takes an in-depth look at how ordinary people deal with unexpected and unthinkable trauma in their lives.

After Sales herself dealt with a string of bad news in her personal life, the journalist started to investigate how other people have managed devastation in their own lives, and along the way reflects on her own challenges.

With a rating of 4.5 on Good Reads, appraised by nearly a thousand readers on the site, this book deals with some of the more important personal issues in life and reminds us all that we don’t know what is around the corner.

Becoming, Michelle Obama


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In its first seven days on bookshelves, the former First Lady’s autobiographical memoir sold more than 1.4 million copies in the US and Canada alone.

Released earlier this month, the book has swiftly become a favourite for women and has – by all accounts – lived up to its hype.

From the gorgeous story of her falling in love at work with the future President of the United States, to attending Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration, little is off limits in this book. It will make you audibly laugh and sob before you even get halfway through, and you will gain even more respect for Michelle Obama than you thought possible.

This would also be a great gift for any woman, young or old, in your life this Christmas.


Back, After The Break, Osher Gunsberg

Of course, we had to include Osher Gunsberg in our list. Host of multiple seasons of the Bachelor franchise in Australia, Gunsberg’s memoir is one about “life, love and living with mental illness”. As one of Australia’s most loved home-grown celebrities, he shares the struggles the public hasn’t seen, particularly with anxiety and depression, and how he has learnt to live with them.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century, Yuval Noah Harari

If you’re not familiar with Yuval Noah Harari’s writing then you are missing out. His book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is a personal favourite, for the way it deals with some of the world’s most complex topics in such a simple yet insightful way. Leigh Sales posted an Instagram last month, telling her followers: “Currently reading [Sapiens]. Just about every page has me shaking my head in wonder and going ‘Wow, can that be true??’ Amazing read.”

Following the success of Sapiens – which sold over a million copies worldwide – Harari has published two others, with his most recent being 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. This book deals with issues that face the present day as he attempts to unravel the technological, political and social issues of our time.

Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton

Everything I Know About Love, by journalist and co-host of The High-Low podcast, Dolly Alderton, is a book for every female millennial. She reflects on her trials and triumphs in life; from dating and job-hunting to drinking and finding friendships that last. Women everywhere have shared how much Alderton’s personal stories have resonated with their own lives.

This is the perfect gift for any millennial woman in your life who loves a good book this Christmas season!


All of these books are available in all good book stores and can be found online on various outlets. Happy reading!

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