Mums have their say on the top 10 best baby gifts for 2017.

If you are looking for a gift for a mum-to-be you need to avoid those adorable knitted booties – because they will never be worn.

GroupTogether co-founder, Julie Tylman, asked a database of over 20,000 mothers what was on their wish-list after having a baby and booties did not make the list.

No booties, thanks.

“When you’re a new mum – especially for the first time – you think you want all of the beautiful baby booties and the muslins and the onesies that you get.  But once you’ve had the baby you realise within a week – when they’ve spat up all over them – that maybe that wasn’t exactly what you needed,” says Tylman.

“You just end up washing them all and the beautiful booties don’t get worn. What you want is things you can practically use.”

The mother of three said a “really good stroller” was the most popular wish with second-time mums wanting a stroller that could expand, or a double stroller.

These booties may never be worn again. Image via iStock.

The GroupTogether co-founder told Mamamia what is on the top 10 best baby gift lists for 2017.

Travel Stroller

"A travel stroller ranked at the top of our survey results because it folds down brilliantly and we all know that after swooning over the huge prams the first time around really what we want is light, stylish and fits in the boot of your car, " said Tylman.

Designer Baby Bag

"It feels like it’s a luxury but with all the clever pockets and compartments it's really a life saver. So get the best-ies to all chip-in for an ultra chic bag that will last the test of time  - and tantrums."

The High Chair

"The bad ones make you cry and the good ones make you drool.  Highchairs come in all shapes and sizes but the good ones combine good looks and clean lines, with comfort, safety and durability. It is one of those items that is always on a mum’s wish list but the big price tag can make you think twice.  It's the perfect group gift from all of your mates, stylish, practical and thoughtful," added Tylman.

Electric Swing

"Is there anyone who doesn’t want a baby swing? Not according to our survey results, mums love the swing especially the newer versions that replicate the movements of Mama to keep baby feeling comforted and best of all, settled."


Travel Cot

"Whether the baby is sleeping out at the grandparents, you want to hang with friends or are taking a road-trip, the travel cot is a lifesaver. Portable bed and enclosed play area wrapped up in a stylish, easy to set up, lightweight form," Tylman added.

Nanny or Childcare

"Our mums told us they would have loved to hire a night nurse, nanny, babysitter or lactation consultant but either were too embarrassed to seek one out or didn’t have the spare funds," Tylman said.

"Treat your mum-to-be with a guilt-free voucher from a reputable agency.  By using an agency your friend can choose which service is best suited for them, it's the ultimate indulgent gift for any mum."

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Food delivery service

"The one thing that did surprise me [from the survey] was the idea of getting meals. When I had my kids over 15 years ago, you wouldn’t have been able to get something like that," she said.

"Healthy meals that you don't have to cook were definitely high up the wish list for a new mum."

Professional Photography

"Whether it’s during pregnancy or after the baby is born, a professional photo shoot is definitely high up on our countdown of the special gifts that  mums told us they would love to receive. It really is the gift that will last a lifetime."

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