The best and weirdest new face masks hitting your Instagram feeds.

Face masks are having a big moment right now. A HUGE moment, in fact.

Take a look at social media and you’ll see people wearing sheet masks. Peel-off masks. Glitter masks! Confused and overwhelmed? Yeah, us too. So let’s take a look at the coolest and most exciting new face masks you can buy right now.

Glam Glow Glitter Mask Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, $86.00

There’s no point buying this mask unless you’re going to take a selfie in it.

A holographic, star-studded take on GlamGlow’s original Gravity Mud Firming Treatment, this mask gives a boost to your skin…and your insta feed.

While it goes on looking like a dark, starry night, don’t worry – the sparkles are suspended within the gel, so you’ll be left glowing, but not glittery. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes and then peel off. The excess mask can be removed with a wash cloth or facial wipe.

Best for: A girl’s night in or any time you need a little love on the gram.

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It’s also worth checking out the other masks in the Glam Glow range. A whole bunch of them are currently on sale.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Soothing Face Mask, $55.00

While mushrooms are normally more synonymous with Burning Man than soothing skin, this ultra-creamy treatment mask is formulated especially for cranky complexions in mind.


Nutrient-rich reishi mushroom reduces the appearance of redness and instantly soothes irritated skin. Formulated for Origins by integrative medicine practitioner, Dr Andrew Weil (who is well in to mushrooms), this mask really works to calm and relieve.

Best for: Jarod Woodgate when holidaying in Fiji.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $40

You can always count on Korea for a creative skincare product.

This mask, which is applied in the evening and left on overnight, contains Hydro Ionized Mineral Water to drench dry, parched skin with moisture. So far, so normal … here’s the fun part – it also helps you sleep!

Containing Laneige’s ‘Calming Sleepscent’ formula, the product info recommends you apply the mask to clean, moisturised skin before bed and then breathe in the masks scent.

In other fun news, Laneige also has a Lip Sleeping Mask, which is applied before bed and blitzes chapped lips during your awkward Chris Hemsworth dream.

Best for: Insomniacs with dry skin … or anyone wanting to wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

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Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask, $55

This ultra-silky clay mask looks and feels like chocolate mousse, or more accurately for culinary connoisseurs, chocolate YoGo (remember YoGo!?).

Packed in prefect mini-pods great for travel, it also comes with a customised application brush. Containing pure China clay to absorb toxins, this masks hero ingredient is Golden Root.

Used for centuries in Chinese Medicine to enhance longevity, Golden Root was once reserved exclusively for Chinese royalty, but now everyday Queens can pop in to Sephora and tighten their pores with its power. Along with full facial application, this mask is also prefect for spot treatment.

Apply directly to your blemish, leave over-night and wash off in the morning.

Best for: Chinese Empresses, YoGo nostalgics and anyone concerned with blemishes and enlarged pores.


Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask, $49

While pink clay masks had their moment in 2017, clay is now masking in 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet.

Purple bentonite clay combines with Aussie super-fruit Davidson Plum, a natural AHA, to brighten dull skin, lighten dark circles and reduce pigmentation.

As opposed to pink clay, which is best for dry or sensitive skin, Generation Clay recommends purple clay for anyone who’s skin is looking dull or patchy.

Best for: Dark spots or hyperpigmentation (so that’s pretty much every Aussie woman born between 1940 and 2000, then).


DR.JART+ Rubber Mask Bright Lover, $18

If your regular sheet mask scares small children and dogs, this one will make you look like an actual mad scientist serial killer.

A two-step process, you first apply the highly concentrated serum contained in the Step 1 ampoule. The rubber mask is then placed on top to wrap the skin and prevent any active ingredients from evaporating.

The two elements work together – the serum to brighten and correct uneven skin tone, while the masks lowers the skins temperature to cool and calm. With a 30 to 40 minute time-frame for maximum benefits, this mask is a commitment best undertaken on a night in. Or the day after a night out.

Best for: During a Netflix binge – the rubber mask is flexy, but talking, smiling and general mouth moving is tricky.

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What’s your favourite face mask? Tell us in the comments! 

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