The trailer for Netflix's brand new horror series will scare your pants off.

If you scare easily then it’s time to look the other way, because Netflix is here to terrify you once again.

Launching on the streaming service on October 12, the new The Haunting of Hill House series is based on the iconic Shirley Jackson novel of the same name.

The ten-episode series follows the now-adult Crane siblings who are forced to revisit their childhood home,  Hill House, which they were forced to flee after a tragic incident involving their mother.

Horror, devastation and hauntings from the ghosts of their past ensue.

From the trailer alone the series ticks all the horror film boxes:

A moody, Gothic mansion complete with wooden four poster beds? Check.

A creepy girl making unsettling premonitions? Check.

Now add in an eerily beautiful, music-box melody played over glimpses of supernatural-filled scenes and this series looks like it’ll downright terrify us to the core.

Watch the trailer for the new series here:

Video by Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House is a psychological thriller where the horror comes both from effective jump scares and emotionally complex characters with traumatic pasts that unravel in twists and turns.

The creepy new series was created, directed and executive-produced by horror mastermind Mike Flanagan (the man behind equally terrifying flicks such as Hush, Oculus and Gerald’s Game).

The Haunting of Hill House is billed as a complex family drama wrapped in a chilling horror story.

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House will be available on Netflix from October 12. We wouldn’t recommend watching it alone.

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