Our 12 favourite Offspring moments. Ever.


Maybe Offspring will end tonight. Maybe it won’t.

But if it does, I think we can all acknowledge that it’s been a good run.

Have a look at Mamamia’s top moments – in no particular order. If you have more to add, leave a comment in the section below:

1. When Mick sings ‘6 at best’ after sleeping with Nina: 

2. Nina’s “I’m so sticky moment.” 

Just watch.

3. When Leo tells Thomas he’s a dick: 


Image via Offspring on Ten Facebook

4. When Billie tells Nina, “I’ll love the baby.” 

“I’ll cover for you. I’ll love the baby until you’re ready to.”

5. When Nina and Patrick choose each other: 

Offspring best moments 3


Image via Offspring on Ten Facebook

6. When Geraldine, Darcy and Phillip share a hot tub:

In the hot tub

GIF via Everything Offspring Tumblr

7. When Nina gets drunk with Kim, Zara and Cherie.



GIF via Everything Offspring Tumblr

9. When Nina finds out she’s pregnant.

The running. The costumes. The bottle of Passiona.


10. When Nina is caught climbing into Geraldine’s house via the window. 

“Sometimes I come in from the front, sometimes I come in the window.”

Nina window

GIF via Everything Offspring Tumblr

11. Chris Havill. Just Chris Havill.

Start at the .12 second mark.

12. When Billie tells Mick: “You’re the love of my life.” 

Best Offspring moments

Image via Offspring on Ten Facebook

Do you have a favourite moment? Share it in the comments section? 

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