Women tell us their favourite moments of 2015.

Sarah Hanson-Young

“I got to spend some time in the Mediterranean this year, working with a charity organisation that saves the lives of people seeking asylum. It was an incredible experience and only reinforced to me how important it is that we set up a fair and efficient process that helps bring people to safety.”

Sarah Hanson-Young is an Australian Greens Senator from South Australia. 

Tanya Plibersek

“Our week on Magnetic Island during the winter school holidays.”

Tanya Plibersek is the Federal Member for the seat of Sydney and Deputy Leader Of The Opposition.

Vanessa O’Hanlon

So many! 2015 and has been a good year for travel.  If I’d have to pick one, Hot Air Ballooning, Cappadocia, Turkey

Vanessa O’Hanlon is the ABC News 24 weather presenter.

Sophie Monk

Working hard all year and then having a relaxing holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

Sophie Monk is an Australian singer, actress, model and radio host.

Emma Watkins

This year has been full of surprises but dancing with the students from The Australian Ballet School for the DVD with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra was such a beautiful moment. Hearing the orchestra live took us all by surprise and the new arrangements of old wiggly classics were so fun.

Emma Watkins is best known as the first female member of The Wiggles.

Wendy Squires

It has to be the day Tony Abbott lost the leadership. That man frightened me.


Wendy Squires is an author, freelance journalist and opinion writer for The Age. 
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Mia Freedman

My son finishing school and all the ceremonies and rituals that went around that. It was hugely emotional and such a watershed moment in my life and in our relationship. Oh and in his life too. Yeah, him.

Mia Freedman is the Founder and Content Director of the Mamamia Women’s Network.

Leigh Sales

Lots of fond ones but my favourite is probably the thing that made me laugh the most.  I was in K-Mart with my boys who are both nuts for Star Wars.  The twenty month old saw a stainless steel electric jug, pointed at it and said “R2D2!”

Leigh Sales is the host of 7.30 on ABC TV.

Robin Bailey

Watching my boys grow and prosper…. It has been a very tough year for them but we have all come out of it OK. Im also very grateful that I can still do a job I love, help people and prove that you can win rating with heart not just laughs although we have plenty of those as well. There is a lot to be grateful for in 2015.


Robin Bailey co-hosts as part of the Robin, Terry and Bob Breakfast team on Brisbane’s 97.3 FM.

Rebecca Sparrow

Walking into the house one day and seeing my daughter Ava (7) walking along absolutely absorbed in The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. That’s when I knew that she’d discovered the magic of reading.

Rebecca Sparrow is a writer and the author of Ask Me Anything, a book where she answers the questions posed to her by hundreds of teenage girls. 

Shelly Horton

Getting married to the love of my life, Darren, on a cliff top in Mexico.

Shelly is a journalist, commentator and founder of ShellShocked Media. 

Kate Ellis

Spoilt for choice this year. 2015 is the year I became a mum, which is the best thing I’ve ever done. I will treasure the memories of these times with my beautiful baby boy forever!

Kate is the Federal Member for Adelaide and the Shadow Minister for Education. We can assume it’s her eight-month-old, Samuel, who is keeping her up at nights.

Gretel Killeen

Travelling with my daughter and my mother to visit my son who’s living in New York. It was a once in a life time experience for all four of us… and I’m incredibly grateful we could have it.

Gretel Killeen is a journalist and author who’s is appearing in Smart Arsing at the Sydney Opera House on March 3 and 4.

What was your favourite moment of 2015?