A look back on the 10 best moments from The Hills you THOUGHT you had forgotten.

If you didn’t already feel old AF, you probably will upon hearing that The Hills, also known as the show that kicked off our love affair with eyeliner and made us feel deeply inadequate with our job prospects/boring social lives, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

But to ease the pain, MTV is releasing a reunion special, with a nostalgically terrible title: The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now. 


In the promo, Lauren Conrad ominously tells us, “So often, we would say, like, if you knew the real story, you would understand. And what I’d like to do is tell that story.”


You can tell in her EYES that she has things to tell us. YOUR HAIR IS SO PERFECT AND YOUR EYELINER HAS NEVER CHANGED. Image via MTV.


So to celebrate, we're going to reflect on the best 10 moments from The Hills you definitely thought you had forgotten. In no particular order, because there is no logic to this show, and to be honest, it's all a bit of a dramatic, tear-filled blur.

When Heidi pretended she was pregnant to get Spencer's attention. 

We...we love you Heidi.

Heidi was a wonderful example of what never to do/who never to be in a relationship. Unless you want to end up married to Spencer. Which, I think we can all agree, is everyone's worst nightmare.

She dragged on the doubt over whether or not she was pregnant for so long, and even when she had taken a test, and told Lauren she definitely wasn't pregnant, she kept the mystery with Spencer. When she did eventually tell him that she knew she wasn't pregnant, he was understandably annoyed. For a moment it was almost like he was a reasonable human being...

*Shudders*. Image via Getty.

When Lauren and Whitney did an internship together, and Lauren did literally zero work. 

We're going to come out and say it: Lauren wasn't very good at her internship. At all.

In fact, she was sort of bad at her job.

She took a lot of breaks, and appeared to spend most of her day distracting Whitney.

Her attitude to work can be summarised as follows:

Meh. Image via Giphy.

When Lauren described Spencer in the most apt way anyone has EVER BEEN DESCRIBED: "He's just a sucky person."

We could write a feminist manifesto on everything that was wrong with Spencer Pratt, like how he allegedly released a sex tape of Lauren, ruined all Heidi's friendships/overall self esteem, and was super mean to her mum.

But no. Because no words can quite sum Spencer up like the phrase "He's just a sucky person."

When Justin Bobby got annoyed that people kept calling him Justin Bobby. 

But, as with anything, Wikipedia has the final say.

When Heidi straight up got a new face, and her mum wasn't happy. 

She just changed...everything. This was quite confronting for teenage us to watch.

"Do you not think I look good?' Image via MTV.

When Lauren chose to stay in LA with her boyfriend Jason, instead of going to Paris to pursue her career. 

We can't. We still haven't come to terms with the worst decision in reality TV show history.

Just to jog your memory, this is Jason:

Jason and Lauren. Image via Getty.

In case we didn't make our point clear enough..

You know what definitely isn't better than Paris?


Also, he looks like that Backstreet Boy that never, ever gets to stand at the front.

When Heidi tells Spencer “my answer is no,” she won’t move in with him, and he says “My answer is get out of my car,” which is straight up not an answer.

But...but...she didn't ask a question.

When Kristin shows up (seemingly) out of nowhere to carry the last two seasons.

Eugh thank GOD for Kristen.

There comes a time in every reality TV show where you really need someone to just come in, steal everyone's boyfriends, make everyone hate each other, and then call them 'f**king piranhas.'

Image via Giphy.

Kristin Cavallari makes her grand debut at the wedding — wearing the same COLOUR as Lauren.


Except you could. And it was. By the producers who definitely came up with this idea.

Image via Giphy.

When Heidi and Spencer got married, and we thought it was ridiculous, but they're still together SEVEN years later.


HA. Just kidding.

Spencer likes crystals and Heidi can't stop getting plastic surgery.

We've definitely forgotten several crucial moments (OH! Like the time Whitney fell while modelling Hillary Swank's Oscars dress on live TV!) but we'll be reliving The Hills in no time, when the anniversary special premieres on August 2.

Lauren promises they'll "reveal things we haven't talked about before," and to be honest, the combination of montages from the show and Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten is enough to rope us in.

Cannot. Wait.

Our mum keeps insisting we are two different people. For more from us....

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