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Meet the duo who might just be the world's best looking couple.



Why? Because the UK’s sexiest, most attractive couple has been crowned.

(Finally, right? I don’t know how we functioned until this very moment in time.)

A brief synopsis: They’re tan. They have ludicrously white teeth. They go to the gym seven days a week. They’re engaged, and their names are Mel Tansley and James Ferguson.


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You see, the duo turned (comparatively mediocre) heads after strutting down the catwalk for the British Mr and Mrs fitness competition on November 19, taking home the top two prizes between them.


The evidence that they’re are ~ze most attractive~ couple doesn’t stop there, though.

Mel, 21, says they are often stopped on the street by passersby who say they are “the best looking couple they’ve ever seen”, too.

“We receive compliments about our looks from strangers all the time,” the admin worker told the Daily Mail recently.

“Both myself and James try and ensure we always look our best when we leave the house. We go to the gym every evening, fake tan and whiten our teeth so we are always prepared for shoots and catwalk opportunities.”

The couple, who are set to marry in 2018, coincidentally met on the set of a photo shoot. Since that day, Mel has envied her fiancé’s eyebrows.


“James has better eyebrows than me and grooms himself more than I even do,” she said, adding her 29-year-old partner is quite the fitness buff.

“Before meeting James I’d only ever done fashion and catwalk modelling but now I’m getting into the fitness side of things.

“We always support each other and I’ve never missed James on stage, his success in the fitness industry makes me so proud.”

Though if you thought these two would rely on their genetics alone, think again Buster.

The pair are both “really strict with [their] diets”, particularly in the lead-up to the competition, allowing themselves just one treat meal a week.


While Mel’s done photo shoots “in a few Asian wedding magazines”, both she and James – a mortgage advisor – still have full-time jobs outside modelling.

“[Full-time fitness modelling] is hard to get into it even when you’ve got an amazing physique,” Mel told the publication.

Despite their flawless faces and physiques, Mel and James just want the world to know one thing: “We’re just a normal couple who love modelling.”

Me too, you guys. Me too.