"I'm calling it: lip gloss is back, people."

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Lip gloss: very Britney Spears circa early ’00s, no? Not to mention, well, all of us in high school.

Too sticky, too high-shine, too, well, glossy; we had good reasons to leave our lip glosses behind us. But now? They’re back – and they’ve changed.

Lip gloss 2.0 is more grown up, kinder to your lips, and a little more subtle. I am officially in love, and I’m not the only one — Adele and Mindy Kaling have been sporting it on the red carpet, and it appears every brand under the sun is bringing gloss back in big new ways.

While I still can’t accept that three-quarter jeans will ever be considered ‘fashionable’ again, I am on board with the 2016 version of lip gloss. It’s Juicy Tubes all grown up.

Here are five of my favourite subtle, dewy, delicious lip glosses.

Watch: The vintage lipstick shades that have stood the test of time. (Post continues after video.)

Estee Lauder: Pure Colour Envy

This lip gloss is magnificent. It applies so smoothly, and leaves your lips with a dewy, soft shine, sans stickiness.

It is also very hydrating, and lasts for years. Well, hours — but in lip gloss time that is years. It’s very clever, really, and I am now a devoted fan.

You can also get each shade in shine or shimmer, depending on what you like. The one I’m wearing here is a shine in the colour ‘Heart Breaker’ (which is ironic, really, as it has stolen my heart).

Heart Breaker? More like Heart Stealer. (Image: supplied.)

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy is available right here, and will cost you $45.


Tom Ford: Lip Lacquer

I first discovered this incredible prod when I was trying to make a matte lipstick less, well, matte — and didn't it do the job perfectly. My matte lipstick became wondrously, sublimely sheeny in seconds.

Lip Lacquer has a beautiful, long-lasting shimmer, and is so light and soft it feels like feathers on your lips. You can also use it on bare lips, like in the photo below, for a polished look at work. Will definitely buy again. And again. And again.

It feels like feathers on your lips. (Image: supplied.)

It is $50 and you can buy it right here. 

The Balm Cosmetics: Read My Lips

Non-sticky? Tick. Colour payoff? Tick. Brilliant shine? Tick.

These lip glosses have a really satisfying long-lasting stay, and contain the antioxidant Ginseng to retain moisture in your lips (I did notice my smackers were nice and soft all day when wearing this.)

They come in 11 shades, including a veryyyy delicious-looking deep red which I will be buying ASAP. This one in the photo below is called 'POP!' and it is every bit as fun and peachy as its name.

Like a pop of peachiness. (Image: supplied.)

This bad boy costs $34 and you can find it at Sephora.

NYX: Butter Gloss

NYX Butter Glosses are very popular, and for good reason: they provide full coverage, and are easy to apply on-the-go as they have a great little applicator.

They can be slightly sticky, but not annoyingly so. They left my lips feeling soft, smooth, and as the name suggests, tres buttery.

These glosses come in a range of colours (12, specifically), covering everything from nude to plum so you're sure to find one that suits your skin tone. The one I tried is called 'Maple Blondie', a peachy pink colour that smells a little like sticky date pudding... yum.

(Image: supplied.)

NYX Butter Gloss costs $9.95, and you can find it over here. (Post continues after gallery.)


L'Oreal: Infallible Gloss

These lip glosses are a cult favourite, and that's because they are fabulous. Infallible Gloss comes in every colour under the rainbow, all of which are wonderfully shiny. You will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding the perfect match.

These glosses are very hydrating and have zero gummy-ness, so they feel very nourishing, soft, and delightful to wear. The lip-shaped applicator is also a winner, and helps you to apply the gloss very, very easily.

Here I am wearing 'Hold Me Close' and demonstrating the powers of the magical lip applicator.

(Image: supplied.)

Infallible Gloss costs $21.95 and you can buy it right this way.

How do you feel about lip gloss making a come back?

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