The kids podcast you're about to be obsessed with.

Kids throw you all kinds of curly, difficult questions.

Like, ‘What is rain?’ and ‘How do fish breathe’ and ‘What is space?’.

Instead of staring back at them blankly or desperately trying to Google an answer while maintaining an air of authority, distract them with this.

The Beanies is a brand new podcast just for kids.

Just in time for school holidays, Easter road trips, and rainy Autumn days.

It answers all the ‘big’ questions that you can’t. And it’s an awesome way to get kids off screens, and using their imaginations instead.

Listen here:

There are ten Beanies podcast episodes which should buy you a little bit of peace and quiet.

And, it’s good for them. Each episode is packed with educational stories, games, and songs that you’ll love to listen to…..over, and over, and over again.

So put the skivvy away. Tell Geoff to not wake up for a while. Because The Beanies are here.

The Beanies are available for live performances across NSW. Go to for details and follow The Beanies on social media @TheBeaniesAus

*Music and lyrics written by The Beanies in collaboration with James Court.