The Instagram filter that will get you the most double-taps.

According to science.

If you’re into Instagram, you’d know that filters are a pretty big deal. I bet you have a favourite too (personally, I’m a Valencia addict).

But a study which has recently found which was the best image filter to get the most double-taps, may have you jumping ship, or should I say, filter.

The study which was published in New York magazine analysed which filters increased engagement on apps like Instagram and Flickr. The US based researchers assessed more than seven million photos, comparing the number of likes and comments for each filter.

So safe to say, it’s legit.

Their findings were that filtered photos are “21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on” than unfiltered ones.

Ummm… duh, so what should we be using?

Overall, filters with warmer temperatures get the most likes. So go for filters like Slumber, Aden and Rise.

The second best filters were those with increased exposure, like Lark.

On the flip side, those which got the least likes were saturated photos, so filters like Lo-fi.

Valencia, this may be where we part ways...

Which filter to you usually use?

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