CULT BUY: "The best illuminator I've ever used cost me $12.95."

For a long while (three weeks) I’ve refrained from sharing my newfound secret.

“You look so glow-ey!” one friend said.

“ARE YOU WEARING ILLUMINATOR AND WHERE DID YOU GET IT?” a colleague yelled, while simultaneously yanking my handbag from my grip and searching for it.

And yes. Yes I was wearing illuminator. And it cost me less than last night’s dinner.

It’s called Pretty Cheeky Illuminator Nude and retails for just $12.95.

Image via Sportsgirl.

Here's why it's so bloody good.

You just apply the product to the top of your cheekbones, where the sun would naturally reflect. You can also put it on the tip of your nose, the arches of your eyebrows, and your collarbones like the beauty bloggers. It's fairly light, so you can build it up as much as you feel necessary.

It's relatively translucent which is perfect for fair skin. Some illuminators are way too pigmented, and you end up looking like you have bruises on the sides of your face which precisely no one wants.

Obsessed. Image supplied.

It's subtle, but warms your complexion.

Once you apply it, you don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

Trust me. It's brilliant.