It's decided: These are our top eight Hamish and Andy moments.

Kath Day and Kel Knight.

Milo and milk.

The Ashes and boredom.

These are just a few of our classic Aussie pairings, but one other tops them all: Hamish and Andy.

The duo began on Fox FM way back in 2003, when they weren’t known by Hamish and Andy at all, but “The Almost Tuesday Show”. Their spot was the lonely 10pm to midnight Monday shift, and, well, I’m pretty sure nobody listened except for maybe their producer. Maybe. Probably not even their producer, though.

Within three years they got the call up to the station’s Melbourne drive spot. By 2011, they were spending their evenings with all of Australia in prime time.

In late 2017, they called an end to their crazily successful radio show and 14 years of bloody hilarious memories. Luckily, they still have their Hamish and Andy podcast, but in honour of all the lols, let’s look back on their eight greatest moments.

1. That time they invented gravy chips

It’s a bloody outrage that these aren’t stocked on supermarket shelves anymore – just ask the 265 people who are petitioning for their return on Facebook.

Named 'The People's Chip', the duo worked with Smiths in 2008 to manufacture over 60,000 packets of gravy-flavoured goodness, which sold out quicker than you can say 'Gimme'. To promote the release, Hamish and Andy organised for listeners to board a ship - 'The Gravy Boat' - while Melissa Tkautz sang her classic 'Read My Lips' with adapted lyrics.

Instead, on that night, it was 'Eat My Chips'.


2. When they decided to test how far a car can travel on an empty tank

Never, ever, ever forget.

3. When they created the very important sport of 'Ghosting'

It was never clear why Hamish and Andy wanted to measure how good they were "personal space invading", but it was A) amazing and B) made all of Australia become super creeps for the foreseeable future.

The phenomenon was so powerful, it was backed up by tag-team ghosting (courtesy of Peter Helliar and Ryan Shelton), 'freestyle ghosting', 'tandem ghosting' and 'double decker ghosting'.


Long live the ghost.

4. That time they purchased Fred Basset, the people's dog

After putting a cool $800 on Andy to win Cleo's Bachelor of the Year competition in early 2006, Hamish walked away with over $12,000.

What the listeners wanted the money to be spent on was clear - for the pair to continue their lucky streak, and buy a greyhound. After taking a vote, the name Fred Basset won with a cool 77% of the vote.

Over his illustrious career, the people's dog won $19,720 in prize money, nabbing 8 first placings, 11 seconds and 13 thirds from his 57 professional races. He is now 13 years old, and an ambassador for greyhound adoption.

5. That time they trolled all of their listeners

If you were one of the listeners who caught "The Thing That Just Happened" like Shaun Micallef did in 2008, congratulations. If you weren't, it would have been some bloody confusing listening.

For all those who missed it, here's the full audio:

6. When they did one week of 'freeating'

That's 'free eating' for those squinting their eyes right now - where the pair was only allowed to eat in accordance to these three rules:

  1. No buying food
  2. No stealing food
  3. Can't be given food

In other words, they starved. Almost.

7. When Hamish was the Ultimate Baby Wingman

Hamish, hidden in a pram, acted as the "ultimate baby wingman" for single-man Andy. Yes, people were freaked out. Yes, someone told him he was the ugliest baby they'd ever seen.

But did the 2011 stunt end up in a date for Andy? No. No it did not.

8. The time they discovered the 'best bloke in Australia'

When Hamish prank called a random listener, and asked him to lie on his behalf to a potential employer about his experience, he didn't know he had come across THE BEST BLOKE IN AUSTRALIA.

But when Andy called the man moments later to ask him about his 'friend,' and his 'qualifications,' James Lord was happy to endorse a person he had never met.

What was your all-time favourite Hamish and Andy moment? Let us know in the comments...