'Glow Recipe is the viral skincare brand everyone's talking about. Here's my honest review.' 

If you’ve found your way to TikTok beauty, you’re going to know this brand. Glow Recipe is a fruit-based beauty brand that features Korean technology. It promises to create noticeably healthier skin - and online, it's earned a reputation for glowing, dewy skin, cute packaging, and viral videos. 

 So, I’m here to tell you if it's worth the hype.

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Be warned, Glow Recipe is a little exxy. That's why I’ve bought six of Glow Recipe's most popular products to put to the test, so you don’t have to. 

I’ll also throw in a few tips about when to use each product, and what for, because I know skincare can get a bit confusing sometimes.

Let's go!

Glow Recipe PHA + BHA Infused Watermelon Toner, $52.

In case you weren’t great in chemistry class, let me break these down for you. Both PHA and BHA are chemical exfoliants. We're not using harsh physical exfoliants anymore (especially on sensitive skin!), so chuck the St Ives in the bin. 

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If you have sensitive skin, acne prone skin and/or clogged pores, then BHA toners are going to be great for you. They help remove dead skin and oil and unclog your pores. 

PHA is similar, except it’s even more gentle and hydrating. So, when mixed together, they’re going to make your skin glow and help to clear congestion.

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What it does: Tones and adds a glow.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin.

When to use: Either AM or PM, but only one to two times a week. (AM is better if you want to show off the glow!).

My thoughts: I’m not a fan of the scent (it’s a bit sweet), but the look and feel are worth it.

Glow Recipe Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm, $49.

We're double cleansing at night now, friends. Double cleansing first with an oil cleanser (like the Papaya Balm) and then backing it up with a gentle cleanser. 

Using this cleansing balm first is going to break down your makeup, SPF and general grime - trust me, your skin is going to thank you for it. 

This product is cool because when you scoop it out of the container it has a waxy consistency, then as you work it into your skin it melts, cleaning and hydrating as you go. 

You’ll also find this cleaning balm is great for acne-prone skin, helping to reduce inflammation.

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What it does: Removes surface dirt and will break down your makeup.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone skin.

When to use: Daily in the PM as your first step in your evening skin care regime.

My thoughts: I LOVE this product! It’s in my shower and I will definitely buy it again.

Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser, $52.

Meet the second step in your double cleansing routine: The Blueberry Cleanse. This guy is full of antioxidants, so it’s going to help fight signs of ageing, hydrate and cleanse. 


It’s a gentle cleanser, and its job is to get into your pores and wash any congestion down the drain. Double cleansing can also increase the efficacy of your serums, so it’s literally a win-win. 

You can, of course, use any oil and foam cleanser in your double cleanse routine. I also really rate CeraVe cleansers, like CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, $10.39 - the range is super gentle and won't strip your skin.

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What it does: Deeply cleanses and hydrates the skin.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types.

When to use: Daily in AM routine and PM as the second step in your skin care regime.

My thoughts: I’m on the fence with this one. I am not a fan of the blueberry scent and this cleanser has an almost jelly-like consistency that is slightly unpleasant to me. But I do like how my skin feels after I use it.

Glow Recipe Pineapple C-Bright Serum, $75.

Okay, so this serum packs a serious punch. It’s a vitamin C serum with a high concentration so be warned - it’s intense. Vitamin C is amazing for helping to brighten your skin, and this serum is also home to an AHA - another type of chemical exfoliant that basically breaks down the bonds between dead skin cells. So, this serum is going to leave you looking bright and glowing from the inside out.

There is a 'but' though! Because of the high concentration of vitamin C, this particular serum might not be compatible with all skin types, and it may sting or irritate your skin. 

But, fear not, I have some tips!

  1. Use one to two times a week and build up your tolerance.

  2. Don’t use your vitamin C products on the days that you use your chemical exfoliant - it’ll be too much spice and it will irritate your skin. 

  3. Always use it in the morning and follow with SPF. And don’t wear it if you’re spending the day in direct sunlight.

  4. If the concentration is too high, but you want to include vitamin C in your routine, go for one with a lower percentage. The Ordinary have some great options. 

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What it does: Brightens and evens out skin tone.

Skin type: May not be suitable for sensitive skin types.

When to use it: One to two times a week in your AM routine, after cleansers but before moisturiser.

My thoughts: Again, I’m not a fan of the pineapple fragrance but the glow is undeniable. I have sensitive skin and it did sting the first time I used it. 

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask, $38.

This mask has everything: soothing avocado extract, PHA for exfoliation and hydration AND retinol. 


In case you haven't heard, retinol is the new best friend of anyone trying to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. It increases cell turnover, so it’s going to help with evening out skin tone and it also helps with acne, too. Yep - a real all-rounder ingredient.

Retinol is usually a little intense, but in this sleep mask, it’s a lot more soothing and less irritating than normal. I would steer clear of chemical exfoliants on the nights that you want to use this mask - but all in all, it’s good to go for all skin types. 

I definitely don’t think you need this mask for younger skin types. Try the Glow Recipe's Banana Souffle Moisture Cream, $59, instead.

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What it does: Decreases signs of ageing.

Skin type: All types, but especially dry and ageing skin.

When to use: Two to three times a week in your PM routine.

My thoughts: I’m a fan! It’s fragrance-free, the bottle is cute and the next morning my skin was feeling lush.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask, $64.

This teeny tiny pot has a lot of the same key ingredients as the Avo Sleep Mask with one notable difference: Niacinamide. So, you’re getting all the benefits of the Sleep Mask plus the magic that niacinamide brings to the table. 

In case you need a refresher, niacinamide is an antioxidant that helps restore the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Is it worth the $64 price tag? Not really. Especially not if you already have the sleep mask.

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What it does: Brightens under the eyes and decreases fine lines.

Skin type: All types.

When to use: Daily in your PM routine.

My thoughts: It’s a lovely product, but it’s not essential.

Glow Recipe is a company that is really nailing it right now. They have great products with very distinctive packaging and a tendency to go viral. 

All the products I tried were lovely, however, I don’t think I’ll buy most of them again. You can find similar products at a lower price point (apparently Aldi has a dupe) but as a little 'treat myself moment', they were totally worth it.


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Do you have another viral beauty trend or product you want me to try? Let me know! I’m always willing to put my face on the line so you don’t have to. 

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