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Meet Irene and Alice, who have been best friends for 94 years.

Irene and Alice are both 100 years old, and have been best friends for 94 of them.

Alice says that in Year 1, the girls “took to each other almost immediately”, and have been inseparable ever since.

In an interview on the Steve Harvey show, the 100-year-old women were asked about current trends in pop culture, and their mix of wisdom, confusion and brutal honesty is nothing short of brilliant.

They both get very angry about phones. While it’s not exactly clear what they’re angry about, Irene in particular appears to be furious. “I am SO irritated”, she says. “I don’t know what in the HELL is going on”.

Neither do we, Irene. Neither do we.

They mistake Justin Bieber for ‘Justin Beaver’, who, according to them, is “in the movies. Isn’t he?”

No, guys. Not really.

Both seem adamant that this ‘Beaver’ character “isn’t doing something right…but I don’t know what it is”. Ladies, we trust your instincts.

But perhaps the greatest moment of the interview is when they’re asked what they think of the name ‘North West‘ for a baby, and Irene gives the only appropriate reaction to hearing that someone, somewhere named their child North West.

“North? Who’s name is that?”

If these women had their own TV show, I would be binge watching it right now. And not just for the comedy.

Alice is hard of hearing. Irene is patient.

Irene loves to laugh. Alice makes her laugh.

Alice has some serious questions. Irene attempts to answer them.

This is what 94 years of friendship looks like.

When these women met, the world was a completely different place. But true friendship is about navigating a changing world together, and being able to laugh along the way.

I can only hope that many, many years from now, once countless milestones and pop culture trends have come and gone, I’ll still have my best friend by my side, laughing about how much the world has changed, and knowing we have each other to help understand it.

What is the key to maintaining your friendships?