The genius $8 hack that will improve your next flight. Yes, even in economy.

There is a point in every long-haul flight where you start to regret getting on board.

It can come as early as the first time the person next to you farts or as late as discovering you can’t find the flush button on the toilet.

One extremely frequent flyer has shared his “single greatest travel hack” in a blog post that assures readers it lifts the flight experience for everyone on board.

The "five minutes till we land" face. (Source: iStock)

Author Peter Shankman said the key to a better trip lay in the simple airport purchase of a giant bag of M&Ms.


"No matter whether I’m flying 200 miles to Boston or 12,000 miles to Singapore, I won’t get on the plane without stopping at the convenience store in the airport and buying a big bag of M&Ms," he wrote.

Shankman who claims to take between 200 to 250 flights a year said the process is as easy as handing over the bag at the start of every flight.

We need to talk about plane etiquette, like should you recline your seat? (Post continues after audio.)

“I walk onto the plane and find the lead flight attendant. I hand him or her the bag, and simply say ‘These are for you, but you have to share with your co-workers'," he said.

“Then I smile at the lead flight attendant and walk to my seat. That’s it.”


The hack may seem too good to be true but we've previously covered a story where anonymous flight attendants said a small gift can go a long way.

One flight attendant shared how even the smallest of gifts can change your on-board experience.

"Thank you gifts truly make the crew feel so appreciated and they will treat you like absolute f*cking gold," they said.

It's not a tried and tested trick but for $8 bucks we're willing to give it a red hot go.