CULT BUY: The cheap product that removes fake tan better than anything else.

**No, this isn’t sponsored. I am just really bad at fake tan. You’re welcome.**

When it comes to my relationship with fake tan, I would go as far to say it’s both friend and foe.

Friend, well, for obvious reasons (life is better, people can’t see through my transparent skin etc) but also foe because, ah, I’m not so good at it.

More often than not I’ll get bored after applying it, throwing my clothes back on without so much thought about the streaks that inevitably appear because of my callousness.

And then, of course, I have the streaks, and hate the streaks, but continue to be as lazy as always when applying fake tan and continue to end up with streaks.

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Blergh. And hence, friend and foe.

But then I found Loofau.

Loofau is a pretty new start-up in the tanning sphere, a $20 tan removing product that has saved me from patching, streaky, stupid looking fake tan.

Oh, and getting rid of fake tan all together.

Like this:

Funky packaging aside, the tan remover comes with an exfoliating glove to help you remove any part of the tan you like, or really, really dislike - from the patchy parts to all of the parts.

Loofau's owner is 21-year-old Jody Gilligan from Melbourne. Gilligan had been using the combination of these ingredients on her skin for years to remove fake tan.

"I first 'created' the formula a while ago. It just started as a home remedy that I used.

"I decided on a natural tan remover because I knew the kinds of chemicals other girls were putting on their skin to remove tan that were just so harmful. It was a formula I used myself and knew worked so I thought I would make it available to sell. There was also nothing on the market quite like it," she told Mamamia.

So, if you hate patchy fake tan and want to support female start-ups? This is your buddy. And you can buy it right here.

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