There's a simple way to improve your Tinder chances by 30 per cent.

So you’re both on Tinder, you’ve both swiped right, and now you’re wracking your brain for the perfect ice-breaker introduction.

‘Hey’ has been done, dad jokes often fall flat if the audience isn’t right, and corny pickup lines are just… well, they’re corny pickup lines.

But it turns out there’s a well of dating excellence at our fingertips and we’ve been overlooking it for years.

best dating gifs
Well hello to you, too. Source: Giphy.

"It turns out people who use GIFs on Tinder messaging are 30 per cent more likely to get a response than those who don't," DTR podcast host Jane Marie says.


Speaking to's editorial director, Tyler Menzel, about the topic on the newly launched Tinder podcast this week, Marie continued, "People who use GIFs are also more likely to have conversations that last twice as long."

Despite proving themselves to be the ultimate conversation starter among singles, the world of GIFs is a big, scary, and horrifically uncertain one.

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And according to Menzel, there are generally two types of GIF users on Tinder, so figuring out which one you are before you get sending is important.

"There are the people who use GIFs literally, like, 'hello', 'goodbye', 'good morning'," he says.

"There's this one GIF that is of a polar bear jumping out of a pool and he's saying, 'OMG hi'. That's a literal use of a GIF," Menzel says.

best dating gifs
Ugh, this guy. Source: Giphy.

(Honestly, it seems a little bit intense and creepy for an conversation opener, but the stats are the stats, people.)

"But then there's this other use that is just immaterial," he says.

"It doesn't quite have a literal sense, it's just funny or it's just weird or it's just this is my personality. This slug with a rocket ship coming out of it - this is me."

Those searching for something original, though, take note: Marie says the 10 most popular GIF search terms on Tinder "include words like hey, hello, sup?, flirt, wink, and.... Joey."

Yep, Joey.

"Everybody searches for Joey, how you doin'?" Menzel says emphatically.

"Everybody. Everyone thinks they're being so funny or so unique; they think that they're the first ones ever to search 'how you doin'?"

best dating gifs
Nope, just don't. Source: Giphy.

"But on Tinder, it's like, top five. It's this crazy spike in Joey how you doin'? or Joey Friends or Joey Tribiani Matt LeBlanc or Joey flirting. It would probably be our number one search if you added all those different searches up," he says.

It seems that maybe, the dating world is divided by polar bears and slugs. Figure out which one you are, find your special someone, and life (in theory) should be a peachy dream.

Happy swiping!