The best combination of kids for a family's happiness is not what you may think.

Are you ready to see if you have scored the winning mix?

Here I was looking at my little family thinking we were just perfect.

Turns out the combination is all wrong. In fact – my two boys and a girl is the fifth worst combination you could have.


If luck were on my side I would have been granted the family bliss afforded to the Obama’s, Drew Barrymore, Jessica Rowe and her husband Peter Overton or Adam Sandler and his wife Jackie.

Adam Sandler has perfected the winning combination.

They have nailed it – as according to a completely above board legit scientific study it turns out that the best combination of siblings for a happy and peaceful family is two daughters.

The research from British website Bounty examined the lives of families with different combinations of children.

Jessica Rowe and her daughters.

The results showed that the most harmonious combination is two girls. It seems that two girls are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are, according to the study, a pleasure to be around.

As a mother of what was, for a while, two boys - then a surprise number three - turning the combo into two boys and a girl, I am imagining a life far removed from mine for these magical peaceful homes.

Tell me mums of two girls is it true?

Have you never found yourself running full belt dripping down the stairs from a 30-second shower screaming out “haven’t-I-told-you-NOT-to-play-with-the-knife-drawer”?

Have you never experienced the challenge of negotiating a dinnertime farting competition punctuated with cries of “But-mine-ARE-the-smelliest”?


Have you really never had to spend hours removing permanent marker from your nine-month-old’s face as her big brothers’ decided to make her into “Super Vampire baby complete with bloody fangs”?

Gosh I can imagine the polite dinnertime conversation, the sweet tea parties complete with bone china and the hours of quiet time spent diligently colouring in.

A life of harmony and bliss.

The study found that two girls rarely “annoy their parents” and are unlikely to wind each other up or ignore each other.

But it held a warning for parents of two girls - keep procreating and you might just be in for a life of misery as it seems the very worst combination is FOUR daughters.

Complete and total anarchy.

The study found that a family with four girls was likely to experience up to four fights a day.

After the magically combination of two girls the next best combo was one girl and a boy – a pigeon pair – who are unlikely to fight as they don’t like each other’s toys (they haven’t met my daughter).

Faye Mingo, spokeswoman for said, ''The findings were absolutely fascinating - we often assume little girls behave like angels, and if you have two this certainly seems to be the case."

''But the more girls you have the more of a handful they become - more so than boys in fact."


''In fact, going from two to four girls seem to take parents from one extreme to the other - whilst doubling the amount of boys has much less impact."

''We expected two, three or four boys to come out as the most difficult combination of children to have, purely because of their energetic and boisterous personalities.''

Watch out Mum and Dad anarchy ahead.

Other difficult combinations of children include two boys and two girls, three girls and one boy, and three boys and one girl.

The study found that the only negative to having a pigeon pair was their lack of shared interests as they grow up.

Coming in at third easiest was two boys – as they are often best of friends during their childhood.

Parents of two boys revealed they frequently pay each other lots of attention day to day, and are often best of friends throughout their childhood revealing in the magical world of farts, lightsaber battles and Minecraft.

These are the types of statistics you need to take with a hefty dose of real life, so while I fantasise about a household of two girls I am off to referee my two boys and their sister’s game of dinosaur pack attacks the zombie.

Can you guess who gets to be the zombie?

Is it true two-girl families? Is life picture perfect?

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