The best shampoos for every shade of coloured hair.

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Whether your colour’s done in a salon or your bathroom, if you want to get the most out of it you’ve got to be prepared to look after it.

A shampoo specifically formulated for coloured hair is an easy place to start — they won’t strip the colour with each wash as normal shampoo can tend to do. Most of these formulas will also help maintain your chosen hue, as well as nourishing and adding shine to hair.

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We rounded up the best coloured-shampoos for blondes, redheads, brunettes, and anything in between.


Typically, the key issue for blondes is developing brassy or yellowish tones as the dye fades. Choosing a silver shampoo, or purple-toned shampoo, will help neutralise any of those yellow tones while maintaining the health of your hair and keeping it glossy.

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Depending on the difference between your dyed and natural hair colour, brunettes can also experience some serious fading, as well as loss of shine.

According to Edwards and Co‘s Jaye Edwards, hydration is also an important factor with darker browns, so be sure to back up your shampoo with a good conditioner and regular treatments.


There’s no beating around the bush – not only is red hard to get rid of, it’s also equally hard to maintain as it very quickly loses its vibrancy.


Aside from regular colour top-ups, it’s important to go for high quality (which doesn’t necessarily mean a high price), colour-friendly shampoo that will help keep the brightness and tone of your colour, rather than changing it to a more copper or brassy shade.

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The Delorenzo Nova Fusion range has a great selection of shampoos for a range of red shades which pick up the individual tones of your hair, keeping it bold and bright. Mamamia’s Shelly Horton‘s red hair is the envy of all the office, and she swears by Goldwell Dual Senses Color Fade Stop Shampoo.

To really extend the life of your colour, it’s also about keeping hair healthy prior to, during and after colouring.

Olaplex is a great tool to request your hairdresser use (and most will now it’s more readily available in Australia) to help prevent damage to your hair. It can also be used as a treatment at home.

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Regular hair treatments will also keep hair nourished and healthy, and should be done at least every two weeks.

What’s your preferred colour-protection shampoo?